Indonesia teak furniture

We have been selling furniture since 1980. In the 2000s we started selling teak furniture from Indonesia, teak tables, chairs, cupboards for your home and for your garden. We've shipped our furniture to most continents. Delivery inside Europe is relatively easy to arrange, but we've also shipped to for example the Bahamas and Angola.

Do check our catalogue to get a good overview of what we have to offer.

Teak tables

We sell quality teak tables from Indonesia.

Teak furniture from Indonesia

Indonesia is mostly famous for its coffee, the Komodo dragons, the Spice Islands and of course Bali Indonesian furniture is probably next on the list. Centred around the Javan city of Semarang there's an extensive industry of furniture manufacturers, specialized in teak furniture for home and garden. Souren furniture has been working for a decade with a quality furniture producer to get the finest teak furniture. We have sold thousands and thousands of tables, chairs and cabinets to satisfied customers across Europe and beyond.

If you prefer looking at a paper catalogue we're happy to send you one.

Indonesian teak furniture

Tables, chairs, cabinets, statues, garden houses, it's all possible. Over the years we have focused on keeping our customers happy through providing high quality furniture. Teak tables are our main product, we always have at least two hundred in our warehouse in the Netherlands with regular shipments coming in from Indonesia.

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Indonesian furniture wholesale

We also sell our teak furniture wholesale. We have delivered in bulk to resellers, restaurants and hotels.