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About Us

Marijn & Madelon

For reclaimed teak furniture you're at the right address. Teak tables, cabinets, TV furniture, chairs.

We regularly receive sendings from Indonesia and through our good relations with the best importers in the Netherlands we can offer very sharp prices. Teak tables, teak chairs, teak cabinets and a lot more.

We have started selling furniture in 1980. You can rely on us for quality and knowledgeable advice.

Antiekhandel Toine & Riet Souren

Souren Meubels was started in 1980 by Toine & Riet Souren. During the eighties we only sold antiques, and at the time it was called Antiekhandel Souren. Throughout the years trends changed. At some point pine was sold as well and later also oak furniture.

Souren Furniture

In the nineties demand for custom oak furniture increased and also for a new type of wood: [teak](/teak-wood). Hence the company Souren Antiek turned slowly into Souren Furniture. Toine and Riet's son Marijn became more and more involved in the business. Today we mostly sell Indonesian teak furniture .

Many years of experience in the furniture business: Since 1980

As you've already read, Toine and Riet have tons of experience. Toine knows exactly which constructions can and, more important, can't be used. Many furniture stores don't pay attention to this. Often people have stories about bent or slanted blades or table legs that are loose after 2 months. Often bought at ''woonboulevards'' or a deal at an action site. These companies only give service till your front door. We don't work this way. We only deliver quality products because we want you to be satisfied with your furniture!

A map of places we've delivered to

Some reasons for visiting us

  1. Unpretentious atmosphere
    We have no pushy salesman waiting for you at the door

  2. Value for your money
    Massive and fair products at an affordable price

  3. Experience
    Through the years of experience, we know what can and what can not be made

  4. Coffee!
    The coffee is always ready! And often enough also a piece of Limburgish pie ..

If you still can not find what you're looking for, no problem! Here are some sights / opportunities in the neighborhood;

  1. Makro / Metro Center and Office
    Souren Furniture is located directly next to the industrial area Horsel. If you still have to do shopping or office equipment needed.

  2. Largest IKEA!
    Not even 10 minutes is the largest IKEA in the Benelux!

  3. Woonboulevard Heerlen
    In addition to the IKEA there are still plenty of furniture on the Woonboulevard in Heerlen

  4. Maastricht / Heerlen / Valkenburg / Sittard / Vaals / Gulpen / Landgraaf / Kerkrade / Aachen (D) / Tongeren (B)
    All these towns and villages are within 10-30 minutes.

  5. Snow World and about the Foot in Landgraaf / Gaia Park in Kerkrade / Caves in Maastricht and Valkenburg / Heerlen and de Valkenier in Valkenburg ...