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We always have an extensive range of solid teak furniture in stock. In recent years, we have equipped numerous hotels, restaurants, cafes and bed and breakfast guesthouses with high-quality furniture for indoor and outdoor use. Our customers include catering establishments in Holland as well as in European and non-European countries.

You can also buy furniture for your restaurant, office or business. Larger orders are no problem. We have many teak tables and teak chairs in stock and, depending on your choice, we can deliver on short notice.

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Restaurant garden furniture made of solid wood

Garden furniture made of solid wood plays an increasingly important role in the restaurant industry. Until a few years ago, the design of the exterior of a restaurant or café was solely oriented towards practical aspects; but for some time, it has been rethought in the industry. Plastic tables and chairs cannot be used to create a cosy ambience that encourages guests to linger. Garden furniture with a distinct radiance is in high demand like never before. In this context, teak garden furniture is becoming increasingly popular. The rustic tables and chairs made of the tropical wood have character and punctuate the restaurant or café’s claim to exceptionalism. The guests feel comfortable in this environment. Thanks to their high-quality appearance, teak furniture leaves a lasting impression and forms the perfect setting for the culinary enjoyment of exquisite food and drinks.

Solid teak wood garden furniture are, as far as maintenance is concerned, particularly undemanding and therefore perfectly suited for use in the garden of a restaurant operation. Spilled liquids will not penetrate the table surface and leftovers can be easily removed with a damp cloth. As a supraregional catering company, Souren Furniture has been active in Europe for more than 30 years. Solid teak garden furniture is used in restaurants in Holland, Belgium and Germany. The high quality of craftsmanship in the furniture items and their appealing design is decisive for the success of Souren Furniture.

On our website, you will find an extensive assortment of solid wood garden furniture, which was designed especially for the restaurant industry’s requirements. By visiting our showrooms at the company headquarters in Nuth, Holland, you can form a lasting impression of the quality of our teak furniture. On-site, you can inspect, touch and, of course, scrutinize the teak tables and chairs. Convince yourself of the character and the design of the chairs, benches and tables. You will find us in close proximity to the German border, only a few minutes’ drive from Aachen.

Restaurant garden furniture - Mediterranean atmosphere with teak wood

Restaurant and café managers with an idyllic garden dining area have an invaluable advantage over other catering establishments: In the summer months, events are moved to the outdoor area. On warm days, guests prefer the shade of a chestnut tree to a nicely set indoor table. The mood in the garden of a restaurant is informal and cheerful. In order to capture this ambience and to offer the guests an extraordinary flair, along with delicious meals, the choice of the right seating and tables is crucial. In this context, teak wood can exhibit all its advantages. The warm tropical wood conjures up a Mediterranean ambience in the garden and convinces with its rustic look. The result is an atmosphere reminiscent of balmy summer evenings in a harbour restaurant on the Côte d'Azur.

The founding of Souren Furniture was inspired by the unparalleled radiance and authentic character of teak wood. The Dutch supplier specialises in the production and distribution of high-quality teak furniture for the catering industry. Authenticity plays a major role in the company philosophy. For this reason, the teak garden furniture is produced directly in Indonesia, the country of origin of the tropical wood. Since 1980, Souren Furniture has been in close contact with the workshops in Central Java, and several times a year the company's employees are in Southeast Asia to select woods, develop new models, and monitor the manufacturing process.

In the exhibition rooms of Souren Furniture, you get a sense of why the company founders succumbed to the charm of tropical wood more than 30 years ago. The chairs, tables and garden benches made of solid teak have an incomparable radiance and timeless elegance. Visit the company when you’re nearby, and discover the fascination of teak wood for your restaurant or café. The business premises of the company are located only a few minutes from the German border by car, in the immediate vicinity of the motorway exit.

Restaurant garden furniture made of teak wood: Quality straight from the expert

No sooner does the sun send its first warming rays to the ground in the spring than the outdoor areas of the restaurants and beer gardens fill up. Now, the catering businesses’ outdoor season begins. From the Alps to the North Sea, there is a lot of activity in restaurant gardens during the summer months. With the beginning of the garden season, many restaurant managers ask themselves whether the outdoor guest area fixtures are still contemporary and meets the guests’ expectations. It is clear that a restaurant’s garden terrace visitors want a pleasant ambience. These wishes are fully satisfied with restaurant teak garden furniture. The elegant furniture made of tropical hardwood testifies to taste and style, is extremely easy to care for, and radiates a cosy warmth.

In order to enjoy your restaurant teak garden furniture for a long time, some basic characteristics of this type of wood must be taken into account. Only teak which has been growing for at least 50 years has the right degree of hardness to meet all catering sector requirements. Conventional teak furniture from the hardware store often does not meet this quality criterion. Trust the expert when choosing your garden furniture for the garden. Souren Furniture has been producing and distributing outdoor teak furniture for more than 30 years. Customers include restaurant establishments from many European countries. Numerous references prove the high level of customer satisfaction.

Souren Furniture offers a complete range of teak tables, teak chairs and benches for the garden area. In our showrooms, you can get an overview of the extensive product range. We are delighted to welcome you to our company's headquarters in Nuth, Holland. You will find us only a few minutes from Aachen by car, not far from the motorway exit. If you have already found your favourite pieces, you can immediately request the teak furniture and take it with you. In our warehouse, our stock constantly holds between 200 and 300 tables and more than 90 percent of all offered chairs made from the high-quality wood.

Garden furniture for restaurants: Teak wood creates a sociable atmosphere

In the warm seasons, there is a boom in the gardens and on the terraces of the restaurant establishments. Hardly any guest prefers the interior of a restaurant to temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius, when the sun is beaming down from a blue sky. Under the shade of trees, you can meet friends for a social gathering or enjoy a delicious dinner on a warm summer evening. In addition to the quality of the dishes offered, the ambience plays an important role against this background. Whoever feels comfortable will stay longer and return sooner. With teak garden furniture, you lay the foundation for a sociable atmosphere in which your guests feel comfortable.

A wide range of teak restaurant garden furniture is offered by the traditional company Souren Furniture. Teak wood is a very living wood species, characterised by a striking wood grain and its warm hue. The Dutch company’s teak furniture has a radiance full of character, because each piece of furniture distinguishes itself from the others through tiny details in the colouring and wood grain. Only solid wood can convince with these qualities and thus create an extraordinary atmosphere in the outdoor area. For more than 30 years, Souren Furniture has been supplying customers in the catering industry with high-quality furniture. From Munich to the North Sea coast, the high-quality furnishings are in high demand.

Benefit from the family business’ experience and convince yourself of the quality of the offered goods by visiting the exhibition rooms. The company headquarters is located only 15 kilometres behind the German border in the Dutch town of Nuth. By car, it only takes a few minutes from Aachen to the motorway exit. Of course, you can also get an overview of our range on our website Sourenfurniture.com. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Our staff will promptly address your concerns and contact you. We are available for you during business hours on +31-628124989.

Beer garden furniture: Rustic atmosphere with teak furniture
The sun is shining from a bright blue sky, birds are chirping in the trees and a warm breeze gently strokes the skin: the perfect day to visit the beer garden. Beer gardens have a very special atmosphere. Under shady trees, you meet friends and the mood is exuberant and cheerful. This ambience calls for a suitable setting and equally suitable beer garden furnishings. No other material is more effective in the open-air atmosphere than teak wood. It has a rustic look and is indestructible. Teak furniture is made of a robust, durable natural material that will easily survive minor mistakes such as the spilling of liquids. Teak chairs and tables are the perfect outdoor dining furniture. Even a rain shower cannot harm the indestructible furnishings.

Do not compromise when choosing your beer garden furniture. Only teak, which has been growing for at least 50 years, possesses the properties that make it suitable for furniture. As an expert in the field of teak furniture for the restaurant sector, Souren Furniture has decades of experience in this field. Our beer garden furniture consists exclusively of teak wood with long growth periods that meets all restaurant industry requirements. Our tables and chairs impress with their rustic look and an authentic appearance. all of our company’ beer garden furniture is characterised by high abrasion resistance and resistance to external influences.

A personal visit to our showrooms will give you the best sense of our restaurant furniture. The company is located in the Dutch town of Nuth and is only 15 kilometres from the German border. There are no waiting times with us. In our warehouse, we always have more than 200 teak tables available, along with about 90 percent of all benches and chairs made of this tropical hardwood. You can immediately invite and take along your new furnishings for the beer garden. If you have any questions, please contact us by mail or phone. Our staff will gladly advise you and quickly take care of your concerns.

Restaurant garden benches - individual and stylish

A teak garden bench is an exceptional piece of furniture for your restaurant or beer garden. With this stylish seating, you will stand out from many restaurants that rely solely on the classic combination of dining table and chairs. Especially in the green surroundings of a well-tended garden area, however, the teak restaurant garden bench displays all its advantages. It is individual and radiant, and is also the perfect complement to a rustic dining table made of tropical hardwood. Teak garden benches are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. A model with a gently curved back and side rests creates a romantic ambience, while a straightforward design radiates powerful elegance. Teak garden benches are the newcomers of the season in the restaurant industry, because more and more businesses are focusing on individuality and authenticity as a characteristic feature.

As a traditional supplier of high-quality teak garden benches, the Dutch company Souren Furniture has been firmly established as a supplier to the catering trade for more than 30 years. The family business was founded in 1980, and today it equips restaurants, bars, cafes and beer gardens in several European countries with high-quality teak furniture. This level of quality does not necessarily have to be expensive, as has been proven by Souren Furniture for decades. The furniture is made by professional craftsmen directly at the place of origin of the teak wood in Central Java, and reaches the exhibition rooms in the Dutch town of Nuth without any intermediaries. Several times a year, the company owner personally checks the production line in Indonesia and selects the timbers for the teak furniture.

Get inspired by the charm and radiance of our teak garden benches for the food court and visit us in our showrooms. We carry models of different styles and shapes. You will find us 15 kilometres behind the German border in the Dutch town of Nuth. If you wish, you can take your personal favourite pieces with you immediately, because we have almost all models in stock at all times. Of course, we also deliver your order cost-effectively to your door. For any questions about teak furniture, please contact us via email or call us on +31 (0) 628 124 989.

Outdoor furniture Gastronomy: Powerful elegance from teak wood

The selection of the right outdoor furniture is a special challenge for restaurants. In the garden, the character of the restaurant should be reflected as authentically as possible. Rustic wooden tables give the beer garden character and filigree solid wood furniture underline the high standards of an upscale star restaurant. Hardly any other material can meet the different demands of the restaurant the way teak wood does. Outdoor tropical hardwood furniture has a powerful, but non-obtrusive elegance. Rustic tables and chairs made from old teak wood create an authentic beer garden atmosphere, and brushed teak furniture is the perfect setting for a festive gala dinner. The unique wood grain and the warm colour of this wood make each piece of furniture unique, which is also characterised by its low-maintenance properties.

Outdoor restaurant furniture

As a specialist in teak furniture for the outdoor sector, Souren Furniture offers a comprehensive range for the catering trade. Since the company was founded in 1980, the family-owned company has convinced numerous restaurants in Holland, Belgium and Germany of the quality of its teak furniture. The high quality of craftsmanship and longevity of the Dutch company’s outdoor furniture led to nationwide success. Satisfied customers from Munich to Bochum, from Oldenburg to Paderborn, are just some of the company’s references. Souren Furniture permanently stocks a huge supply of outdoor furniture for the restaurant sector. Waiting times are exceptional and arise only as a short-term delivery bottleneck.

On our website Sourenfurniture.com, we present a cross-section of our product range. Not all chairs, tables and benches can be found via our online presence. A visit to our showrooms in the Dutch town of Nuth will give you the best impression of the depth of the range and product variety. Our showrooms are only 15 kilometres away from the German city of Aachen. We look forward to your personal visit, if you happen to be nearby or purposefully looking for high-quality teak furniture for a catering establishment. You can also contact us by phone at +31 (0) 628 124 989.

Restaurant wood furniture from the Dutch company Souren Furniture

In recent years, we have delivered our teak furniture to various restaurant establishments, in Holland, Belgium and, of course, Germany. We have references in Munich, Bochum, Paderborn, Coburg, Oldenburg, Boppard, Dusseldorf, Witten-Herbede and more!

Our tables and chairs are popular with restaurants that want a certain aura. Teak tables with worn and robust appearance are often chosen. We can deliver these in almost any size. The most popular sizes are 80x80cm, 120x80cm, 140x90cm and 160x90cm. But a table measuring 300x100cm for 10 guests also has its place, of course. Our teak chairs are also often used in restaurants. A very popular model is the teak chair Berlin (with or without cross).

Restaurant wood furniture in stock with almost no delivery time!

Many of these pieces of furniture are standard and ready to ship. Sometimes, however, the delivery time is due to the large number of ordered furniture. If you want to order a large quantity, we recommend that you contact us a few months before, without obligation.

You can also find out which establishments we have already delivered furniture to. Maybe it's close to you and you can see it on the spot. Of course, you are also welcome here in Holland! We can show you a wide range of tables and chairs. And maybe you will see some other furniture to set up your (new) business.

On assignment on Mondays or Tuesdays

We are mostly on the road on Mondays and Tuesdays and making deliveries in Holland and the surrounding area. Therefore, we are actually closed. Looking for restaurant furniture for your (new) restaurant, but you can only come by on Mondays or Tuesdays? Then please contact us; maybe we can make an appointment.

Specialist in restaurant furniture

As a specialist in solid teak wood restaurant furniture, we have decades of experience in the furnishing of restaurants, bistros, wine bars and hotels. Thanks to efficient logistics, even large orders with more than 100 individual parts are no problem for us. Among the largest individual customers in 2015 were the organisers of the Ice Sculpture Festival in Antwerp, which we supplied with 200 teak chairs from our range.

Scandinavia to Africa

Restaurant industry companies from Scandinavia to Africa are among Souren Furniture’s satisfied customers. Expressive tables, chairs, benches and restaurant furniture made of solid teak wood create an atmosphere of hospitality and provide the perfect setting for enjoying exquisite meals. Indoor and outdoor furniture from our range can be found in a lodge in Namibia, in a hotel restaurant in the Bahamas, on cruise liners from Finland and Gran Canaria, and in a restaurant in the Russian capital Moscow. Discover the fascinating world of rustic teak furniture on the Internet at sourenfurniture.com or in our showrooms in Nuth, Holland. You will find us only 15 kilometres from the German border, just off the motorway. For any questions about teak furniture for the restaurant industry or if you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise you by phone or by email, and to answer all your questions about teak furniture.

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