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Teak garden furniture

The finest garden furniture made from reclaimed teak!

Beautiful reclaimed teak tables

A dining table made out of reclaimed teak gives your home something special!


Teak Furniture

We offer all sorts of teak furniture, such as teak tables, teak closets, teak cupboards, teak sideboards, teak TV furniture, teak chairs for indoor and outdoor use. All our teak furniture is made of high quality teak from teak plantations or recycled teak. We are convinced of the quality of our teak furniture. Visit us and see for yourself.

Teak furniture in stock & ready to deliver

We have most of the furniture in stock and can deliver directly. We have many teak tables in stock – about 250-350 – in about every size and model you can imagine. Moreover we have teak chairs, sideboards and cupboards in stock. If the furniture you want is not in stock at the moment, we can usually deliver the furniture in the standard sizes very fast. It doesn’t happen very often that you have to wait about 4 months for a standard size item to be delivered.

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Recycled teak furniture

This teak furniture still has its original character in the massive teak planks. This means that the planks have not been chafed into one colour only. The furniture has a weathered and robust look. The furniture which is made of teak wood cannot all be found online; there are plenty of other unique pieces which we cannot deliver anymore. Our stock of these pieces is highly variable. Moreover, we have most furniture in different versions. Some furniture has been brushed to give it a rough and weathered look.