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The possibilities for your outdoor space are endless with our beautiful teak outdoor tables, chairs and benches. Whether you’re having friends over for card games or hosting a large back-garden dinner party, we have furniture with the features you need and the design that you want. Our reclaimed teak garden furniture has proven to be especially desired. Take a look at our selection below and find out for yourself.

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For warmer climates however, you’ll need to clean your outdoor furniture about once a year. Just add half a bag of soda to a bucket of warm water. You can also add some green soap. Wash the furniture with a soft sponge and let the soap penetrate the wood. After 5-10 minutes rub the soap off with a harder sponge and wipe it off with water. If there are still some stains in the wood, you can erase them by sanding the wood with fine sanding paper. You’ll find your furniture as good as new with this method.

Caring for Your Teak Outdoor Furniture

Maintaining your outdoor teak furniture couldn't be any easier. In order to survive the rainforest where teak grows, teak wood is saturated with natural oils and is naturally resistant to rot, insects, and outdoor elements. Moisture does not permeate the pores of the wood as it has a specific structure that makes rain run off its surface immediately. However, by caring for your outdoor furniture in the right way, you will ensure that it retains its smooth finish, stays strong, and lasts for much longer.

To help remove the build-up of moss, you should wash off your teak furniture occasionally with green soap and water. Do the washing by hand, never using a power washer that can damage the furniture. Some people prefer to apply a finish to their teak furniture, which is fine. But you can also allow the teak furniture to weather naturally which means that you don’t have to do anything to it at all. Simply leave the teak furniture outside around the year, allowing the environment to weather it on its own. With this method, you will still need to wash the teak furniture with soap and water, about once a year.

One important point to keep in mind is that you should never use an oil sealer on your outdoor teak furniture. The extra oil will cause the wood to turn black from mildew. So only use an oil sealer on your indoor teak furniture.

Everyone enjoys relaxing in open under fine light and cool breeze. Green gardens always tend to welcome a great coffee experience and quality time with family & friends. We all wish we could spend a quality time relaxing comfortably in own backyard but all the thoughts came crashing when thought about outdoor furniture. Don’t worry, Souren Furniture brings for you quality teak furniture that can easily be used to design your outdoor space and along with style & comfort this teak furniture is also resistant to any damage from water, sun, dirt or dust. If you plan to buy garden furniture, then without any second thought outdoor teak furniture is the best choice. Various qualities of teak furniture that makes it most suitable for outdoor use include:

Water resistance

Excellent resistance against water is the major reason that ranks teak furniture high on priority list while looking for outdoor furniture. You don’t really need to protect your teak furniture against rain or water and it can easily be left out even during rainy season without any tension.


Along with resistance to weather, teak furniture also furnishes exceptional resistance to dust and dirt. Even if the furniture is left out in open under sun or extreme rainy conditions, it won’t affect the texture of the furniture. The color of the furniture doesn’t lose easily with time and it is very easy to maintain teak furniture without any extra effort.

It is a well known fact that even after the years of usage, the shine of teak furniture is maintained. Although there is a transition from golden brown to silver grey but the color compliments well with the garden surroundings and is not really a major issue. The shine of your outdoor teak furniture is maintained even after years of usage.


Quality rich teak furniture is high on comfort and due to high oil presence these are soft wooden pieces high on quality as well as durability. Owing to smooth finish of teak furniture, these teak chairs can easily be used without cushions. These can also be easily used as garden furniture and you can easily relax even in your lawns without worrying about the weather conditions.

Teak is a high excellence wood that is comprehensively used for making furniture. Teak furniture has established worldwide acceptance especially for making outdoor teak furniture because of its natural resilience towards weather and its strength. Teak furniture is high quality maintenance liberated furniture and it would not be wrong to call teak furniture as the furniture for lifetime. Teak wood is quite classy as compared to other woods and consequently furniture is also priced high owing to the fact that it doesn't splinter or get damaged under any type of climatic conditions.

Types of teak furniture

Teak is a useful and expensive wood used to make every type of furniture item, but teak is massively acknowledged for making outdoor furniture. Teak tables, chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, wardrobes and dining tables are really eminent and widely acknowledged. Teak doesn't need any concern or protection and is a maintenance free piece of furniture that you can use for years without even worrying about the strength or quality.

Teak is a wonder wood, you need not guard it against damage from weather or water by applying water sealers, varnishes or oils, teak is protected by its own natural oils that migrate to the surface of the wood and make the wood virtually impervious to water. Souren Furniture is a quality name towards making available high quality teak furniture. Harvesting dedication and quality workmanship, each piece of furniture is unique on its own and possesses inherited charm from the quality teak.

Grace and charm:

It is a well known fact that teak furniture is the furniture for lifetime, it doesn't break easily, is unaffected by climate and doesn't lose its charm and shine with time. Even after years of service, teak furniture is high on excellence and natural charm. You need not really put in any superfluous efforts to preserve teak furniture; it’s out of natural properties that teak maintains its grace on its own even after years. With usage, the golden color of the teak changes into shining silver that imparts your furniture added charm making it look even graceful. Hence it is no wrong to call teak furniture as furniture for lifetime.

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