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A real centrepiece, the refectory dining table feels just as right in a country barn house as in a contemporary dining room due to its timeless design. These beautiful tables are made of reclaimed teak wood and have a unique look and beautiful finish. They are characterised by a solid teak top which sits upon a substantial base with bulbous supports, united by a stretcher.

Refectory tables

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Where do these refectory tables come from?

Our refectory tables come from Central Java, Indonesia. Teak furniture from Java is created using traditional craftsman’s skills that are passed down from father to son. Generations of furniture-makers use their inspiration, skills and traditional manufacturing methods to produce a truly astonishing end product. We choose our Indonesian partners carefully to ensure the highest level of quality for our furniture.

What to keep in mind when buying a refectory table

Due to the central position of the table legs, it may be a good idea to consider how to place your chairs. With a table the length of 250 cm, you can easily fit three chairs with arm-rests on the long side. One chair on each opposite side makes eight in total and should give you enough space for those large family gatherings or to play a board game during a cosy evening in.

A table with a length of 220 cm will fit two chairs on the length and one on each side which makes six chair in total. However, if you chose chairs without arm-rests, you may fit more of them around the table.

Another thing to keep in mind is that wood moves depending on the level of humidity in the air. As humidity increases the wood expands, and shrinks as it decreases. Because of this, cracks can sometimes appear in the wood. Personally, we think that this brings a sense of authenticity to the table, and is in fact a positive attribute rather than negative.

What standard sizes are available

Below you will find some pictures of our beautiful reclaimed teak refectory tables. The demand is high for these tables due to their unique look and traditional way of production in Java. However, we always try our best to keep all sizes in stock for our customers.

200x100 cm
220x100 cm
240x100 cm
260x100 cm
280x100 cm
300x100 cm
350x120 cm

Now also available for your garden!

200x100cm - 250x100cm - 300x100cm:

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