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Teak tables

Beautiful teak tables made from reclaimed teak

Below you will find several different teak tables. In the standard sizes, we have these teak tables virtually always in stock. Thanks to our big stock of teak tables (200-300), there is hardly ever a waiting time for you. Sometimes, however, it can be the case that exactly the piece of furniture that you would like to have is momentarily out of stock. Please always contact us in advance before you come to our shop with a particular table in mind.

For every interior design and lifestyle

For each and every interior design and lifestyle there is a teak table which fits it perfectly. We offer tables with a straightforward tabletop – the same design but with robust brushed wood and the popular table made of very old weathered planks.

Excellent construction

All our furniture is made of massive teak, and so are our tables! The table legs, the construction, the connections and the tabletops are made of 100% massive teak. If the table has drawers, even they are made of massive teak. Because of the massive wood, each table has a solid construction. All tables have their table legs fixed with screws to the lower surface of the tabletop via a connecting piece. Thanks to this system, the wood can expand some millimetres in the summer and tighten in the winter. Therefore you will not have any cracks in your wood (if the humidity in your living room is not too volatile, that is)! Moreover the wood will always be put in a drying chamber which prevents problems later on. There are a few tables whose wood does still change sometimes. These are the teak tables with tabletops whose edges are made of planks that lie crosswise to the other planks. If you do not want this to happen, you should choose a table with planks that are all aligned in the same direction.

Solid reclaimed teak

We only use high quality teak for our tables: They are all made of massive plantation teak or recycled teak. All of our tables stem from Central Java, Indonesia. This region is renowned for the excellent quality of their teak and their craftsmanship. This is a golden combination, which will allow you to enjoy your wonderful teak tables for yet many years to come!