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Unique dining tables

We believe that ambiance can make a great difference in your space and the natural beauty of teak takes on a spirit of its own in our teak dining tables. Thanks to the old recycled teak planks, each table is unique in it’s make, with a look that speaks for itself and that is designed to create a rustic presence, where the old meets the new.

So, whether you’re going for a modern-chic or country-style interior design, you can rest assured that our dining tables will stand the test of time and bring timeless beauty and character to your space.

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  1. teak horeca tafel 80x70cm
    Teak bistro table 80x70cm
  2. Teak horeca tafel 80x80cm
    Teak bistro table 80x80cm
  3. teak tafel 80x80cm
    Teak table 80 x 80
  4. teak tafel oud hout 80x80cm
    Teak table 80x80 rustic
  5. Teak tafel 90x90cm oud hout
    Teak table 90x90cm rustic
  6. teak tafel 120cm
    Teak table 120 x 80
  7. teak tafel 120x80cm oud hout
    Teak table 120x80 rustic
  8. teak tafel 140x80cm
    Teak table 140 x 80
  9. Teak tafel 140 x 80cm oud hout
    Teak table 140x80cm rustic
  10. Teak tafel 140 x 90
    Teak table 140 x 90
  11. teak tafel 160x90cm
    Teak table 160 x 90
  12. teak tafel 160x90 cm oud hout
    Teak table 160 x 90 rustic
  13. teak tafel vierkant 120x120cm oud hout
    Teak table square 120x120 rustic
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    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  14. teak tafel 180x90cm
    Teak table 180 x 90
  15. teak tafel 180x90cm oud hout
    Teak table 180 x 90 rustic
  16. teak tafel 200x90cm oud hout
    Teak table 200 x 90 rustic
  17. teak tafel 200x90cm
    Teak table 200 x 90
  18. teak tafel 200x100cm
    Teak table 200x100 cm
  19. teak tafel vierkant 140x140cm
    Teak table square 140x140
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    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  20. teak tafel 220cm
    Teak table 220 x 100
  21. Teak table 220 x 100 rustic
    Teak table 220 x 100 rustic
  22. teak tafel vierkant 150x150cm
    Teak table square 150x150
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    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  23. teak tafel 240x100cm
    Teak table 240 x 100
  24. Teak tafel 240 x 100  oud hout
    Teak table 240x100 rustic
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1-30 van 48

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Easy maintenance

One of the advantages of using teak furniture is how easy it is to care for it. For stains, you only need to use good, old-fashioned soap and water. You can also lightly sand it with fine sand paper for tougher stains. Just make sure you do the washing by hand with a sponge, never using a power washer that can damage the furniture. You also want to make sure any soap used is non-toxic, such as green soap.

There are people who prefer to apply a finish to their outdoor teak furniture, which is fine. It is, however, not necessary. Moisture does not permeate the pores of the wood: teak has a specific structure that makes rain run off its surface immediately.
You can allow your teak furniture to weather naturally, and for this, you need to do absolutely nothing. Simply leave the teak furniture in the elements, allowing the environment to weather it on its own. You would, however, need to wipe your table with soap and water about once a year.

Solid tabletop and legs

Our block table legs measure approximately 8x8 cm. Larger sizes measure about 1 cm - 2 cm more, and for the smaller sizes, even less. The tabletop measures approximately 3 cm. Because of the construction, the inner part of the top are approximately 2-2,5 cm thick. Check below for further information.

Height tabletop

These tables have a standard height of 79 cm. The lower surface is 69 cm high, which makes them ideal to use with arm-rest chairs. If you’d like your table a bit lower, that’s no problem at all. We’ll customise the table legs to your preference without any additional costs.

Excellent construction!

Our reclaimed teak tables are constructed so that the planks at the edge of the tabletop are facing opposite to the rest of the planks. There is a special reason for this: depending on the humidity inside the tabletop, the wood may expand or tighten. If your table consists of planks which are all aligned in the same direction, you won’t notice this. However, with tables that are made of recycled wood with planks that are aligned vertically, the wood works differently. A system in the construction allows the inner planks to move a little. Still, sometimes cracks can appear in the wood. Where humidity is high, this cannot be prevented. If you choose these tables, you’ll have an authentic and solid table which ages as you do. If not, you should have a look at a table with a straight design.

About 95% of our tables can be taken apart and reassembled, with an installation that guarantees stability and robustness. Because of this, we can deliver these tables to pretty much any location.

In stock!

We have almost all the standard sizes in stock and when you visit us you can take your new table home with you straight away. However, please contact us beforehand if you’re looking for a specific size to avoid any disappointment.

A dining table made out of reclaimed teak gives your home something special!

Solid teak bar tables

We also offer teak bar tables. There are several possibilities. By default we do not have any bar tables in stock, we do however have normal dining tables in stock (with a height of 79cm) in virtually all sizes. We can transform these normal tables into the bar table variant. The delivery time for this is approximately 2 to 4 weeks. Construction – costs – delivery time You can visit us and choose the tabletop you like most. Or you can order online and tell us which design you prefer. For us it is important to know whether we should build the bar table with or without the so-called H-beam (for additional stability) between the table legs. Higher table legs under a standard table cost extra. If you would like to have an H-beam, too, it costs also extra.

Usually we have the following sizes in stock – in the weathered as well as the straightforward look: 80x80cm 120x80cm 140x80/90cm 160x90cm 180x90cm 200x90/100cm 220x100cm 240x100cm 260x100cm 280x100cm 300x100cm

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