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Indoor Teak Furniture

Our wide range of reclaimed teak furniture include rustic, one of a kind dining tables in all shapes and sizes. Lesung, Dingklik and Harbour tables as well as beautiful, one of a kind refectory tables. We also stock elegant dressers and chairs in various designs. Regardless of where you choose to place your teak furniture, you can be sure it will look stunning and complement any home or business.

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  1. Teak tafel 80x80 + 2 stoelen
    Teak table 80x80 + 2 chairs


  2. Teak tafel 80x80 oud hout + 2 stoelen
    Teak table 80x80 rustic + 2 chairs


  3. Teak tafel 80x80 + 4 stoelen
    Teak table 80x80 + 4 chairs


  4. Teak tafel 160x90 + 4 stoelen
    Teak table 160x90 + 4 chairs


  5. Teak tafel 160x90 + 6 stoelen
    Teak table 160x90 + 6 chairs


  6. Teak table round 140cm + 6 chairs
    Teak table round 140cm + 6 chairs


  7. Teak tafel oud hout 200x100 + 8 stoelen
    Teak table rustic 200x100 + 8 chairs


  8. Ronde teak tafel 160 oud hout + 8 stoelen
    Round teak table 160 rustic + 8 chairs


  9. Teak tafel uitschuifbaar 160-210-260x90 + 10 stoelen
    Teak table extendable 160-210-260x90 + 10 chairs


    Extendable dining table
  10. Ovale teak tafel 300x120cm + 8 Stoelen
    Oval teak table 300x120cm + 8 chairs


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15 Items

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All our teak indoor furniture is crafted from the finest selection of responsibly sourced Indonesian teak wood. Whether it is a solid teak dining table for 10 or an all teak garden furniture set, each piece is expertly built to high tolerances and with traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery. Whether you choose a rustic solid teak style or a more contemporary and sleek finish, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best in quality and craftsmanship which you will enjoy for decades to come.

Caring for Your Furniture

Taking care of your teak indoor furniture couldn't be easier, and with a few easy steps, you can care for it with the confidence that it will provide you with years of beauty and enjoyment.

Teak naturally contains oil so you can choose to do nothing to your table if you so wish, but you can also treat your teak table using a wood oil sealer which will maintain in the wood grain so it lasts longer. Be aware, however, that your table will turn a shade darker. If you get stains on your teak furniture, water and soap is usually enough to remove the stains. You can also lightly sand it with fine sand paper for tougher stains. Just make sure you do the washing by hand with a sponge, never using a power washer that can damage the furniture. You also want to make sure any soap used is non-toxic, such as green soap.

Teak indoor furniture care

Unlike teak outdoor furniture, your indoor furniture doesn't require any special care due to the naturally occurring oils in the wood. Some people prefer to apply a finish to their teak furniture, which is fine. However, this is not necessary.

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