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Teak garden tables

Our reclaimed teak furniture are so unique in their make that it would seem a shame to keep it just inside. We offer garden tables in a medley of shapes and sizes to suit smaller spaces or grand larger areas. The Dutch weather may not always be reliable, but you’ll know that our teak garden tables can be relied on, season after season, and for many years to come. When you want to come by our shop to pick up a specific size, please e-mail or call us beforehand to see whether we have your specific item in stock.

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  1. teak tuintafel 80x80
    Teak garden table 80 x 80
  2. teak tuintafel 90x90cm
    Teak garden table 90 x 90
  3. Teak tuintafel 120x80
    Teak garden table 120 x 80
  4. teak tuintafel 140x80
    Teak garden table 140 x 80
  5. teak tuintafel 140x90
    Teak garden table 140 x 90
  6. Teak tuintafel 160 x 90
    Teak garden table 160 x 90
  7. Teak tuintafel 200 x 90
    Teak garden bench 200 x 90
  8. Teak tuintafel 260 x 100
    Teak garden table 260x100 cm
  9. Teak tuintafel 280 x 100
    Teak garden table 280x100 cm
  10. Ronde teak tuintafel 160cm Cross
    Round garden table 160cm Cross
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  11. Teak tuintafel 300 x 100
    Teak garden table 300x100 cm
  12. Teak tuintafel 200x100cm Refectory
    Teak garden table 200x100cm Refectory
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    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  13. Teak tuintafel 350 x100
    Teak garden table 350 x 100
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Recycled teak

All our teak garden tables are made of recycled teak with wood that stems from traditional, old buildings and houses in Central Java, Indonesia. These buildings are a treasure trove of sturdy, ancient teak wood that have aged gradually without losing any of their strength or vitality.

Excellent Construction

The construction of teak garden tables is an important aspect to consider due to the ever changing weather conditions in (Western) Europe. The climate can often change very drastically and this can provide a real challenge to teak wood. This is where construction is important and the question you should ask is: does the wood have space to expand and tighten depending on the humidity in the air? If it doesn’t you may end up with cracks in the table top. We think that this sometimes can contribute to creating an authentic look to the table, but it’s still important that the table has a solid construction. Due to the way we position the planks, we ensure that we leave enough space for this process to happen. This in combination with exceptional quality of the teak guarantees that you will be able to enjoy your furniture for many years, and in any weather.

Quick Delivery and ready to use

99% of our standard size tables are in stock and ready for use, this goes for both rectangle and round tables. Because the legs are screwed on to the table, you do not need to wait around for us to glue the table together. So, when you see a table you like, you can take it home with you immediately. 

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