Teak furniture is an evergreen option for furnishing your holiday home inside and outdoors. This is due to the fact that teak wood looks exotic meanwhile gives you the option of long lasting furniture for outdoors as well. The Algarve in Portugal is one of the most fascinating places where people go for holidays to enjoy fishing, sunbathing and visiting beaches. If you own a holiday home in Algarve, you will need outdoor furniture so you can make the most out of the summer sun.

Sourenfurniture.com offers a wide range of furniture that you can add to holiday home, golf resorts, hotels and inns. We have been selling teak wood furniture in Europe for almost twenty forty years now, winning the heart of multiple trusted customers in the Mediterranean. Each chair, garden table, cabinet etc. looks different from the other due to the fact that they are recycled in Indonesia before they are used.

Outdoor Furniture in Algarve

A holiday home in Algarve calls for an arrangement of teak wood furniture that will neither rust nor fall victim to mildew. Appealing furniture in the lawn, garden and patio can enhance the warmth and make it look pleasing while offering seating to you and your family. Many resorts and inns situated in Mediterranean countries with breezy locations like to add teak benches and tables to provide lunch and dining areas to customers.

Keeping up with the needs of the weather and requirement for trendy modern furniture, sourenfurniture.com has a catalogue which lists variety of garden chairs and tables. There are water-resistant and weather enduring armrest chairs, unique benches and tables of different sizes that you can place around your garden. The dining sets with tables and chairs which come in set will finish the look for your holiday home by beautifying it along with the greenery, plants and pool.

Variety of Outdoor Furniture

It is not only the teak furniture which has made sourenfurniture.com a trusted place to shop for outdoor chairs and tables. Among things like long lasting and sturdy options for garden furnishing, you will also find that the variety of furniture is large enough to find something that appeal to your senses. All of our furniture is made from modern designs engraved into the rustic teak wood in several shades.

You can pick shades such as oak, ash, walnut etc. shades which reflect through teak wood. Since every piece is manufactured from real and recycled teak wood in Indonesia, you will receive your bespoke and one of a kind furniture rather than the mass-produced designs. This is another reason why sourenfurniture.com is famous among people who are decorating their home in Algarve.

To broaden your options, we have up to 500 different tables and chairs in designs and sizes that will fit almost any setting. Whether you want to decorate your lawn in holiday home or make the garden charming in a commercial resort, you will find something mesmerizing for sure.

Decorating Garden in Portugal

When in Portugal, you can create the same warmth in vacation house that you seek with interesting options for furnishing the house. Of course you are on vacation and soaking up the sun is your favorite thing to do during the holiday.
If you spend most of your time outdoors, why not decorate it with outdoor chairs and tables where you and your family can have lunch in the sun? We have rectangle and round tables in different styles and sizes. Each one of our tables has unique feet design to make the table trendy and fashionable as well. Besides the usual dining tables, we have refectory tables which can stand alone and offer you the opportunity for placing food items or other things out in the lawn.

Outdoor refectory tables in Mediterranean are also commonly used for hosting get togethers and evening parties when you are out and about having fun. There is nothing better than teak wood tables that will make your garden party look captivating and charming.
Meanwhile, you can also add teak chairs and teak benches if you feel like it. Teak benches at sourenfurniture.com are famous in Portugal for providing attractive seating.

Delivering Teak Furniture in Europe

We believe that your teak furniture should be delivered to you in time and it does not take more than five business days before the teak furniture is at your doorstep. We ship the items through our own transport system however; we also have other options for places that might be far off. In a nutshell, it does not matter where you are located in Europe, if you like teak furniture we will take the measures to ensure you receive it.

We regularly deliver our furniture to France, Spain and it's also possible for us to deliver to your place in Portugal. We cover almost every location extending from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean so everyone can decorate their place with outdoor teak furniture.