Souren Furniture has also established a customer base in Belgium that regularly invest in premium quality teak wood furniture. Souren furniture, operating since 1980, has always strived to provide its buyers with high quality furniture, made specifically of teak wood, so that they can experience comfort and finesse at the same time. The extensive winter of Belgium and short but pleasant sunny season is the reason for its specific beauty. The vibrant spring season, a specialty of Belgium, can be increased four folds using teak furniture in the gardens. Indoor teak furniture provided by our franchise has also proven itself to be one of its kind in terms of quality and charm.

Belgium, a home to historic buildings and outspoken yet simple people, have always given preference to grace in every aspect. Our teak wood furniture matches the expectations of the people of Belgium in all means. Not only is it intricately designed, teak wood furniture is resilient and durable to the cold weather and to thunderstorms, moisture and mild sunny weather. So, either you are living in the captivating Ardennes or in the blissful Brussels, you don't have to worry about the prolonged winters destroying your teak furniture. Whether it is placed indoors or outdoors in the constant snow, it will not weather at all if proper regular care is taken.

Source of Souren Furniture's teak furniture

Indonesia is the main source of Souren teak wood furniture. Not only does it export raw teak wood, it also specializes in production of teak furniture out of both old and new teak wood. The highly efficient craftsmanship and skills at handling teak wood has made Indonesia an attraction to Souren Furniture. Teak furniture, either made of recycled wood or not, has the same strength and robustness to it and has the same sustainability as the former. Thus Souren makes sure to provide you with the best quality furniture that has been processed according to the standards vital for designing a sturdy teak furniture.

Souren Furniture indoor teak wood furniture:

Souren provides the best diversity in terms of indoor furniture. The calm, smooth and rustic feel of the teak wood furniture matches the tone of the Belgium's habitat. If proper care is taken on regular basis, it can be passed along generations without any damage. Unlike simple wood furniture, our teak wood furniture will not be destroyed by a simple drink or food spill, just wipe it off and it’s good to be used again.

The variety we offer in indoor teak wood furniture include:
- Teak chairs assortment, each proving to be different and exotic than the other.
- A diverse collection of teak coffee tables, present in each size you are willing to purchase.
- A collection of graceful cabinets and wardrobes
- A variable choice in teak TV tables with drawers and cabinets.
- Teak dining tables and side tables collection.
- An extended variation of teak display cabinets and many more.

Souren Furniture outdoor teak wood furniture

Souren Furniture also offers a variable range of outdoor furniture that will be a centerpiece to your garden and will surely enhance its elegance. You don’t need to worry about protecting your teak furniture from frequent rains or from heavy snowfall in winter of Belgium, it will retain its beauty and charm for as long as minimal caring of it is done on regular basis.
The range we offer in outdoor teak wood furniture includes:

  • an assortment of teak chairs that are available in different sizes and captivating designs. This include stackable teak garden chair, intricately Indonesian designed beau fort garden chair and teak 1-seater garden chair along with many others.
  • multiple types of teak garden benches including 2-seater, 3-seater and 4-seater. All these seaters have beautifully manually carven designs by the multi-talented Indonesian people oozing with originality and grace. Beside these benches, we also offer 130 cm, 150 cm and 180 cm benches to help you accommodate accordingly to your space.
  • an array of teak garden tables either it is rectangular garden table, a round garden table or a outdoor refectory table, we deal in all the varieties suiting to your needs. We also provide the option of different sizes of tables such as 200x100, 160x90, 400x100 and many more. You can choose comfortably according to the availability of your space without any worry.

What makes teak furniture so unique?

Teak wood is the gold standard of wood. It is resistant to termites and rot; its high oil content makes it decay resistant and is also highly resistant to water and moisture. Teak wood is strong, durable and weather resistant making it ideal for furniture. Teak wood furniture doesn't splinter like regular wood furniture, is more durable than PVC furnishings and more elegant than metal benches. With the passage of time, a silvery grey finish appears on it that boosts its grace and elegance. Visit our store right across the border, near Liege and Genk, or shop online to genuinely experience the unique quality of our teak wood furniture.