Sturdy furniture with contemporary modern style can make your abode look fancy and beautiful. At we believe in offering the latest furniture designs that will enhance the interiors and exterior of a home. All of our furniture is made from the exotic teak wood and sold around Europe to customers looking for satisfactory, long lasting and modern furnishing options. From garden benches to garden tables, you will find many options to pick from.

At you will find furniture that is ready to be shipped as soon as you order. Moreover, we have been in business since the 1980 and have been serving our customers with the highest quality of furniture for holiday home that is long lasting and fashionable.

Latest Collection for Holiday Home

When it comes to your wonderful holiday home in Italy and other locations in Europe, you might be looking for furniture that can enhance the comfort level and add the Mediterranean touch to the home. Therefore, we offer the latest collection of teak wood furniture such as the garden tables, garden benches, outdoor chairs, refectory table and more. Each piece is one of a kind that is specifically designed at the SourenFurniture.

Our outdoor furniture for garden is made for commercial and private needs. Whether you are furnishing your own house or a commercial place for renting, you will find attractive and waterproof furniture to decorate the garden. For outdoors, you need to look for wooden furniture that will not rust or catch mildew in humid environment. Rainy and humid situations mean investing in outdoor furniture made from high quality teak wood that you can find at sourenfurniture.come.

Mediterranean Teak Wood Furniture

One of the most fascinating things about is the teak wood furniture is recycled in Indonesia for the refinement of latest designs of outdoor furniture before use. This is another reason that our teak wood furniture looks unique and bespoke. You will find pieces which are not available anywhere else or mass-produced. Instead, each garden table and chair has its own special teak wood pattern.
You will find Mediterranean teak wood furniture such as patio sets with round garden table and chairs or refectory table for placing delicacies when you are out having fun. You can decorate your garden and patio with our wide range of teak wood pieces.

Full Sets of Furniture

We believe that your house should always look attractive therefore we offer individual pieces along with complete sets. For instance, you can easily find armrest chair, refectory table and single bench made from teak wood to place individually. On the other hand, you can also browse through complete sets of garden table and chairs for lunch and dining options.
From round, square to rectangular, all shapes are offered besides the multiple sizes to pick from. Our latest summer collection includes some of the most stunning pieces that you can find in teak wood. The stylish teak wood furniture sets will simply enhance the joy of being in your summer home when you are on vacation. You will fine both modern and classical designs of teak furniture with bespoke design to add in your garden.
Outdoor Furniture for Commercial Inn
Many commercial services, restaurants, holiday inns and villas in the Europe look for furniture that can be maintained throughout the holiday time for years to come. At we have worked with various commercial services which include hotel in Bahamas and lodge in Namibia among many others.
In other words, we have built our reputation as one of the most trustworthy stores to purchase outdoor furniture made from teak wood. If you want to add the touch of same warmth of home to create the classic ambience, you can easily do it with the right pieces.

Garden Furniture Delivery in Italy

Located in the South East of the Netherlands, is consistently coming up with the most fascinating designs for your summer home. If you are looking to purchase teak furniture in Italy or other European countries you can place your order online and receive it within a short span of time. We deliver furniture in various countries in Europe from Mediterranean to Scandinavian locations including Italy, Netherlands, Germany and France.

Our goal is to offer our customers the option to purchase the highest quality of teak wood furniture with a few clicks and it will arrive at the doorstep. We make special effort to work along with transportation companies to ensure that we can deliver our furniture to our clients across Europe.

You can also rest assured that you will get your furniture because we have a large stock of all the featured products on our website. There are over 500 outdoor and indoor furniture products made from teak wood in varying sizes and designs to choose from. The solid color teak wood variety ranges from cabinets to refectory tables in unique design due to the original teak wood used for the making.