Souren Furniture offers the best teak furniture suited for the weather of France. Its unique design and elegance matches the like of French people. The Mediterranean coast of the France is a popular tourism attraction of Europe due to the subtle year-round weather and eye captivating scenery view. The light summer breeze under the sun provide a calm and relaxing feeling to the vacationing families, therefore they rush to their holiday homes along the resort to relieve their stress. Decorating your holiday homes according to your personal taste is a long-term decision as it is not easy to think about renovation every year. Souren Furniture offers you the best suited long-lasting teak furniture that is not only resistant to the changing climates but also suits your taste and the charm of the resort.

The resorts along French Rivera and Nice are a popular destination during the holidays. French Rivera, which is widely famous for beautiful Mediterranean coastline is comprised of holiday homes on a large scale. The beauty of these homes can be doubled using delicate teak furniture on the garden and outside premises which turns silvery grey on becoming old. This rustic look is nothing short of epitome of grace, with no compromise in quality at all. The heavy moisture level in the wind, the mild sunny weather and every other common weather condition along the Mediterranean coast of France is entirely compatible with the outdoor teak furniture.

The original source of teak furniture

Teak furniture is proven to be one of the best wood for furniture. We import it from Indonesia which is its largest supplier. The unique carving methods and special attention to minor details has made Indonesian people to be best suited for designing the teak furniture. We primarily use recycled teak wood for our furniture as it is not much different from new teak wood after the completion of the processing protocol. The quality of teak wood furniture is only affected if it has been not dried properly to 10% moisture content.

Compatible payment options for the French

The payment options for the furniture we offer are in Euro, proving to be beneficial for the natives of France. We offer the best quality of furniture in reasonable price. The outdoor furniture range Souren Furniture offers will ideally suit the true essence of holiday homes.
Souren's outdoor teak furniture variety:

The variety included in outdoor teak furniture is:

a range of teak chairs that come in different sizes and designs. This include stackable teak garden chair if you want to use the space for multiple purpose, intricately designed beau fort chair and teak 1-seater garden chair along with many others. These teak chairs are ideal for using outdoors as they are comfortable, resistant to sun unlike PVC chairs which bends in the heat and metal chairs which expands in the sun.

a range of teak garden benches such as 2-seater, 3-seater and 4-seater. All these seaters have beautifully manually carven designs by the Indonesian people showing its originality and grace. Beside these benches, we also offer different sizes of benches such as 130 cm, 150 cm and 180 cm so that you can choose according to your demand. They will look beautiful along the pool of your holiday home or in the balcony to enjoy the beautiful view of the Mediterranean coast. The endless variety of designs offered by us are truly an offer to avail as these benches have proved themselves to be sturdy and compliant along with being resistant to moisture and rot.

We also offer a range of garden tables. Either you want a rectangular garden table, a round garden table or a outdoor refectory table, you name it, we have got it! We also provide our customers with the option of different sizes of tables such as 200x100, 160x90, 400x100 and many more. Choose according to the availability of your space and enjoy the fine dining experience. The best part is you don't have to worry about destroying it when a wine glass leaves its mark or when you drop your food bite on it, a simple swipe of wet cloth will handle it easily.

Benefits of using teak furniture:

Teak furniture is considered to be of such an elite level, that if constant care of it is taken, it is passed down along generations. The properties of teak wood are what makes it so unique. The teak wood furniture, unlike other wood furniture, does not splinter and is not affected by moisture, mild sunlight or termites. Its strength, durability and elegance are the reasons it is used for making highly adaptable teak furniture. However, it is important that regular care of it must be taken to ensure its uniformity.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website or our outlet to feel the premium quality teak furniture we have to offer to our valuable French customers, and don't worry about anything going out of stock, we always make sure to provide our customer the best fast service out there.