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Marijn Souren

Marijn Souren
Marijn Souren
Owner Souren Furniture

I grew up in a small place in the South of the Netherlands, called Nuth. During my younger years I always loved sports, swimming and playing football. My parents had their own store directly next to our house, a part of our house was also a showroom. Back then it was mainly antique furniture. My parents had to search for it during evenings and weekends and I often joined them in their search.

My grandfather had also a background with woodworking and if something was damaged or has to be restored he helped. Things changed and the demand for antique furniture went to custom oak furniture. Due to our experience with woodworking and solid wooden furniture pieces this was no problem. I was about 17 years old and had to decide what to do in the future. I preferred sports, even though I always liked to help in our store with carying and sanding etc etc. So decided to do the bachelor of Sports Marketing in Tilburg. I finished this bachelor degree and wanted to see the world. So went backpacking to Australie, New-Zealand and some parts of Southeast Asia. This was my first time in Asia and I fell in love with the people, nature and craftmanship. At 22 years old I had to decide, look for a job or start for real at Souren Furniture. As you can see I have chosen for Souren Furniture.

Not sow long after I joined my parents in their store I met Madelon. Now over a decade further we have two beautiful daughthers and Souren Furniture has become from a local business an online webshop and bigger store which has opened end of 2019 with customers from all over Europe and even further. I'm thankful it's a succesfull family business with support from everyone. My parents now on paper with retirement but still there every day, my brother who arranges the online business from abroad and my wife is there to help customers and order handling.

Souren Furniture started in 1980 and exist 40 years in 2020. We hope that our next generation can continue after us and will make their (grand)parents proud. We're not planning any retirement soon, we just started. ;)

  1. July 30, 2019 Teak garden furniture France

    Souren Furniture offers the best teak furniture suited for the weather of France. Its unique design and elegance matches the like of French people. The Mediterranean coast of the France is a popular tourism attraction of Europe due to the subtle year-round weather and eye captivating scenery view. The light summer breeze under the sun provide a calm and relaxing feeling to the vacationing families, therefore they rush to their holiday homes along the resort to relieve their stress. Decorating your holiday homes according to your personal taste is a long-term decision as it is not easy to think about renovation every year. Souren Furniture offers you the best suited long-lasting teak furniture that is not only resistant to the changing climates but also suits your taste and the charm of the resort.

    The resorts along French Rivera and Nice are a popular destination during the holidays. French Rivera, which is widely famous for beautiful Mediterranean coastline is comprised of

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  2. July 30, 2019 At Chinese New Year Show Off Your Teak Furniture!

    Party Time

    The first big party of 2014 comes towards the end of January. We are barely weeks into the western New Year and people all over the eastern world are marking their own New Year celebrations. It isn’t just limited to China and the Far East, cities all over the world with substantial Chinese populations are lighting up the streets, setting off lamps, holding parties and eating lots of traditional Chinese food to mark the start of the New Year. The 31st January 2014 marks The Year of the Horse, in 2015 the Chinese New Year is Year of the Goat and it starts on 19th February.

    It isn’t just in public displays where the Chinese New Year is being marked, many people all over the globe are holding house parties – staying in is the new going out as they say; what better time to show off your high quality teak furniture? In purchasing a high quality teak table and chairs, a coffee table, a bar table, bar chairs or a sideboard you are maki

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  3. July 30, 2019 Teak furniture Frankfurt

    Frankfurt is one of the largest cities in Germany. With just under 700,000 inhabitants, the city holds fifth place just behind Cologne. Frankfurt has been an economic and political centre in Germany since the Middle Ages. Today, the city is primarily a financial and service centre. Almost all major banks in Germany have their headquarters in the Main metropolis. Among other things, it is the seat of the European Central Bank. Frankfurt’s most famous sights press against each other in the historic city centre. For a long time, the imperial cathedral served as the coronation place of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire’s German Nation. The town hall, which has been in place since the 14th-century, is located in Römerberg. The construction of the Paulskirche began in 1789. Several years were to pass before its completion in 1833. With Germany's largest airport, Frankfurt is a European air interchange.

    Teak furniture made of recycled teak wood

    They have character and t

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