A durable, coarse textured, and straight grained hardwood, Teak is the perfect wood for manufacture of quality, long lasting furniture. Teak is intrinsically tight grained, which helps it give an exquisite smooth surface and appearance.

Unlike other hardwoods like oak, Teak doesn't need oiling, painting, lacquering or staining to help sustain its durability. This is because of its ability to resist the effects of weathering. The wood itself releases natural oil over time, which helps to keep away the wood rotting fungi.

From dining tables to patio furniture, Teak provides the finest furniture products for your home. Teak doesn’t require oiling but a mid brown stain helps to make it look elegant. The durability of Teak furniture guarantees use for generations, which saves you money as there is no need to buy replacement furniture.

Teak furniture can also be made from reclaimed Teak wood. Due to environmental conservation and cost, reuse of old wood in new ways is increasingly becoming more popular. The advantage of Teak is that reclaimed Teak is as durable and strong as new one. This old wood looks astonishingly beautiful when combined with modern designs, and the natural splendour of the wood which, with its faint colour variations help to add character and warmth to your home.

Teak is an exceptionally beautiful hardwood that has an inherent dark rich patina imparting it a great convention to be used for making furniture. Teak has extensively been used for a variety of purpose such as furniture and boat decks owing to extraordinary water and weather resistance offered by the wood. In modern era, people are willing to shell out big bucks provided there is an assurance of quality and authentic design. Souren Furniture brings to you a collection of modern outdoor teak furniture that is high on fashion appeal and at the same time promises quality as well. We can help you formulate some highly fashionable as well as classy additions to your modern interior and your open air outdoor spaces as well.

Origin of teak

Teak wood is grown in many Asian countries, including India, Thailand and Indonesia. Through our experience with selling wooden furniture since 1980 we have decided that Indonesia offers the highest quality teak for a great price. On top of that, Indonesia has perfected the art of creating quality furniture by recycling old teak furniture and boats.

Qualities of furniture

The superlative characteristics that you expect out of your furniture are that it doesn’t go down on its shine easily, it must stand firm against rotting, shrinking, swelling, and bending. Teak wood furniture possesses all such qualities and at the same time provides a great option to own slim, sleek modern furniture that is far above the ground on elegance. With a rich honey color, teak wood furniture has a high natural oil content that helps it to protect itself from nature and can be left out in open without any fear of dampness or damage.

Color and texture

Teak furniture has always been regarded as best for outdoor furniture due to its superb weather and water resistant properties and apart from these properties, teak furniture is golden brown in color that compliments well with plants and trees in your backyard. With use, the color fades to silver grey is you don’t sand the furniture and honestly silver grey color looks even more graceful as compared to the original color. Even if the furniture is left out in lawn during rainy season, it won’t lose its toughness and durability.

If you are looking for modern furniture that matches well with your interiors or one that suits best in your garden then quality teak furniture is something that you should be looking forward to invest in. Souren Furniture has a wide variety of teak furniture that is high on fashion and best in quality.