Teak and Oak

This is a frequently asked question! First, it depends on your exact intentions with the furniture. Each type of wood has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, different tricks and solutions are used in the construction of the furniture.

We only use teak furniture and oak wood which is flawless and free from splinters. Our oak comes from Europe, and our teak comes from Southeast Asia where the original growth areas are located. In addition, our wood is dried in the drying chamber, which means that the wood can only 'move' minimally.

'Teak moves more than oak wood'

Wood movement refers to the wood’s property of shrinking and swelling. Freshly felled wood has a fairly high water content, which has an influence on the swelling and shrinkage of the wood. After dry storage of the wood, the moisture content of the wood is reduced enormously, but one must still expect that the wood - even after drying - may somewhat swell or shrink.

Every wood moves; teak and oak wood do, too! The most important thing is that the wood is dried, but the design of the furniture is equally important. For example, a table must be made extremely precisely, whereby you must fasten the tabletop with small blocks of wood. The tabletop may protrude only a few millimeters at a minimum. But more on this topic later! I think teak moves a little bit more than oak, but if it is processed well, this difference is negligible.

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