What is brushed teak?

Some people like their wood to look just a bit rougher or more robust. Brushed teak is a nice design for this. For this the wood is worked with a steel brush, either by hand of semi-automatically. Due to this treatment the softer parts of the wood are brushed out, which gives the wood a nice rough look. This can be achieved by glass- or sandblasting of the wood.

A straightforward design, but a little bit more robust

Actually a brushed teak table is a straight table with a different finish. This gives these tables are more robust and a somewhat different look.

Did you know...?

Because teak is a greasy type of wood, the oil in the wood will come out as a consequence of chafing. It seems as if there is a layer of wax on the wood, but this is pure nature. Because of the brushing natural oils come out of the wood, which give the impression that there is some kind of layer on the wood. However, this is just natural.

If you want to test yourself how greasy teak wood is you can do the following experiment: Chafe a piece of the teak wood lightly. You will notice that this part will become a bit duller and brighter than the rest of the table. Take a bigger piece of carton and chafe/push it hard on the wood. Make the same movement as with the chafing. The idea is that the piece of wood will be warmed because of the friction. Repeat this a couple of time and you will see that it seems just as if a layer of wax has appeared on the wood.