Souren Furniture sells its ultra-unique teak furniture in Switzerland also. We regularly deliver in the country and have successfully delivered our furniture to many regions such as Zurich, Basel and Luzern. Souren Furniture has a loyal customer base all around the world due to the high quality and high finish teak furniture. We always make sure that we deliver our furniture directly to you in Switzerland so that it suffers minimum damage and reaches you in the most original condition. We offer both new and recycled teak furniture, however you will hardly notice any difference in either of them as the main concern is the drying process of the wood.

We offer a wide range of furniture designs suiting to your needs. The teak wood is considered to be one of the best in market for making furniture due to its resistance to rot and moisture. This is the primary reason it is well suited for Switzerland's weather all year round. Our teak furniture will not be affected by the long months of snow and winter winds of Switzerland and neither by the sudden rain bursts in the summer. You can expect it to last for multiple years if handled with regular care requiring minimum effort.

The primary source of teak furniture

Souren Furniture directly imports its teak furniture from Indonesia, which is the one of the largest supplier of premium teak wood. Our furniture is carved manually by Indonesian residents to bring out the originality and beauty in its design. Indonesian people have been working with local teak wood from generation after generation, they have the expertise to maintain the teak's unique look and create an elegant furniture design. This is the reason we strive to provide you with high quality teak furniture imported from Indonesia on regular basis.

Souren's outdoor furniture

We offer the best range of outdoor furniture carved manually to not only look elegant but also to resist the changing outdoor weather conditions. Are you worried that a sudden heavy rain in summer (common to Switzerland natives) may destroy your precious outdoor furniture? This may be the case with regular wood furnishings but not with teak wood furniture. Our teak furniture is designed to not only provide comfort but also prove resilient to the heavy snow in the Swiss winter due to the presence of natural oils in the teak wood.

Souren's outdoor furniture will bring forth a unique charm to the excessive greenery of Switzerland. Whether you are on Lake Zurich, the beautiful Burness Oberland or the captivating Ticino, our teak furniture range will prove to be more beautiful and suited to the scenery than the regular metal or PVC furniture. Our teak wood moveables will be a centerpiece to your beautiful garden.

The different range of outdoor furniture includes
- Teak wood chairs variety, that offer different options to the buyer. A stackable variety if you have limited space, beau fort variety and a unique Indonesian designed 1 seater with alluring design carving.
- Teak garden benches variety, available in multiple sizes. It has 2-seater, 3-seater and 4-seater options with beautiful Indonesian carving suiting to the buyer's demands. We also have a 130 cm, 150 cm and 180 cm bench options specifically designed keeping the interest of customers in mind.
- Teak garden tables variety, a range which is beyond your imagination. We offer a vast range of sizes in rectangular garden tables. Round teak garden tables and outdoor refectory tables in different sizes are also available at our franchise.

Souren's indoor furniture

Just like the variety of outdoor furniture, we also offer you a impressive range of indoor furniture. The rustic old look of this classic indoor teak furniture will suit the calm Switzerland ambiance. The grace of this furniture is undeniable and will continue to remain the same with proper care. Don't worry if the glass leaves its mark on the table or if the food pieces fall on the teak table, unlike other furniture, there is nothing that a simple wet cloth swipe cannot solve as the natural oil composition protects the teak furniture from damage by moisture.

The different variety of indoor teak furniture includes

  • Teak chairs variety, a range that will impress you with its intricacies and smooth finish.
  • Teak coffee tables variety, present in small size as well as large sizes.
  • Teak cabinets and wardrobes
  • Teak TV tables of various designs
  • Teak dining tables and side tables
  • Teak display cabinets and many more.

The range Souren Furniture has to offer will make you want it all. Our furniture range prices are in Euro, however an advantage to our Switzerland customers is that they only must pay low Swiss Value added tax and not the Euro VAT. You can purchase our furniture range online or you can also visit our store to physically see the scope of furnishings we have to offer.