Souren Furniture brings you the best teak wood furniture, ideal for homes, restaurants, resorts and multiple more. Sweden, a home to peaceful lakes and aesthetic sceneries, deserves its beauty to be further enhanced by the use of teak furniture. Teak furniture is considered the gold standard of wood, its elegance along with its stability and sturdity is one of its kind. Not only is it different than the regular furniture, it provides comfort to whole new level. So, why not opt for this exquisite teak wood furniture for your holiday homes at Mediterranean coast, it will add a new level of finesse and grace to your homes and will last generations only with minimal regular care.

Teak wood furniture is ideal for usage both indoors and outdoors. The high oil content of this special wood makes it ideal for every purpose. It is resistant to water, termites and rot. Thus, you won't have to worry about harming your furniture placed near the pool in your holiday home, it will maintain its resilient structure at all times. The high tensile strength and tight grain particles make it highly desirable for the use in building furniture. Unlike regular wood, it neither splinter nor shrinks on usage for long time, making it the most suitable for the use in the presence of children and elderly alike.

It is common for Sweden to dominantly have a winter season throughout the year. People generally have the misconception that elongated periods of snowfall or thunderstorms may negatively affect teak furniture, however this is not the case. Teak furniture, even when placed outdoors, will not be effected at all. It is resistant to all the climatic conditions and maintains its grace over elongated periods.

Souren indoor and outdoor teak wood furniture

Souren franchise has brought forth the best range of indoor and outdoor furniture to please its customers. We make continuous efforts to offer the best range of products out there.

The range of outdoor teak wood furniture we offer is
- Teak chairs variety, a range that will impress you with its intricacies and smooth finish.
- Teak coffee tables variety, present in small size as well as large sizes.
- Teak cabinets and wardrobes
- Teak TV tables of various designs
- Teak dining tables and side tables
- Teak display cabinets and many more.

The outdoor range of teak wood furniture includes

  • teak wood chairs variety, that offer different options to the buyer. A stackable variety if you have limited space, beau fort variety and a unique Indonesian designed 1 seater with alluring design carving.
  • Teak garden benches variety, available in multiple sizes. It has 2-seater, 3-seater and 4-seater options with beautiful Indonesian carving suiting to the buyer's demands. We also have a 130 cm, 150 cm and 180 cm bench options specifically designed keeping the interest of customers in mind.
  • Teak garden tables variety, a range which is beyond your imagination. We offer a vast range of sizes in rectangular garden tables. Round teak garden tables and outdoor refectory tables in different sizes are also available at our franchise.

Why opt for Souren teak wood furniture?

Souren Franchise has always made sure to satisfy its customers fully before they purchase any of its furniture. We never push our customers to buy anything, we first let our clients closely inspect each piece of our teak furniture before they make any decision. Souren Furniture imports it teak wood furniture from Indonesia, which is a prime exporter of teak wood. We employ the best craftsmanship of Indonesia to design our teak furniture, primarily from old teak wood that has been recovered from worn out furniture and ships employed in the past.

We demonstrate our clients that there does not lie any difference between new and recycled teak furniture. Both of them have the same elite finish, have the same durability and last for years if properly taken care of. No other wood has proved itself to be as resilient as teak. Souren Furniture always prioritize its customers and continuously efforts to create a range of teak furniture products, specifically designed for the clients,that have an elegance and charm of their own.

The elegance and sturdity is mainly determined if the teak wood has been dried to the required 10 percent rate. We, at Souren, always make sure that the wood is dried properly in artificial drying chambers before being cut and used as the natural weather of Indonesia is hot and humid, leading to delay in the natural drying process