Massive teak furniture for the dining room

Mediterranean climate and year-round mild temperatures ensure that life in Spain mostly runs outdoors. From April to October, the outdoor season runs on the beaches of the Balearic Islands, on the Canary Islands and on the Mediterranean coast of the mainland. For some time now, restaurants in Mallorca, the Costa Brava and the Costa del Sol have been relying on an authentic ambience in the dining area.
Furniture made of solid teak is increasingly gaining significance in this context, because the high-quality tables, chairs and benches create a Mediterranean feel-good atmosphere with their radiance. The increase in garden furniture orders from all parts of Spain proves this trend. Souren Furniture has supplied numerous sitting suites, garden tables and teak chairs to restaurant establishments in the Iberian Peninsula in recent months.

Outdoor furniture Spain: solid wood furniture for garden and terrace

In addition to the classic solid wood furniture for the dining area, Souren Furniture offers a wide range of teak wood furniture for the garden and terrace. With these expressive outdoor pieces of furniture, you can create a comfortable feel-good atmosphere in the outdoor area and easily move the living room to the outdoors in the warm summer months. In a Mediterranean garden with blooming oleander and individual palms, rustic furniture made of solid teak wood is the perfect complement. The natural radiance of the noble hardwood underlines the Mediterranean flair in the outdoor area.

Buy furniture online in Spain

Spain is a classic holiday destination and attracts holidaymakers from all over Europe with its sun-drenched beaches on the Balearic Islands and on the Mediterranean coast of the mainland. In addition, numerous people decide to permanently turn their backs on their home country every year, and to build a new life on the Costa Brava, the Costa del Sol or Mallorca. An authentic sense of life under the southern sun begins with the selection of suitable furnishings for your own home or catering business, and hardly any other material embodies Southern European charm more than solid teak. Since signing a transport agreement with a shipping company earlier this year, buying furniture online in Spain online from Souren Furniture is not a problem.

Online purchase of teak furniture in Spain

Living room and restaurant furniture made of solid teak wood conjures up an atmosphere of cosiness and hospitality in the home and in the dining area of a restaurant. Since the signing of a transport agreement with a logistics company, all teak furniture from our range can be delivered without complication to Spain. On our online shop interested customers will find a wide range of high quality teak furniture with an exceptional design. The offer includes both outdoor and indoor furniture. In addition, there are numerous unique pieces with an unmistakable appearance, which can introduce specific accents.

Buying furniture online and shipping furniture to Spain

The forwarding company with which Souren Furniture has been working for some time guarantees fast delivery of any order to all parts of Spain. We are delighted to be able to meet the high demand for rustic teak furniture from Southeast Asia, with the help of this offer to our Spanish customers. All furnishings are manufactured on the Indonesian island of Java in traditional furniture factories and are characterised by excellent craftsmanship. With the signing of the transport agreement, the demand for rustic teak furniture for the restaurant sector has increased. The high-quality pieces of furniture stand out refreshingly from conventional facilities and embody a Mediterranean charm in an inimitable way.

Reliable delivery of outdoor furniture to Spain

Back in 2014 we signed a cooperation agreement with a delivery and transport company to ensure the prompt and timely delivery of our garden furniture to Spain. Interested parties will find a wide range of different pieces of solid teak furniture for outdoor use in our online shop. We are happy to assist you in the selection of suitable furnishings in an advisory capacity. You send your inquiries either by mail or you can call us using the given number. In the past few months, we have been able to supply numerous satisfied customers with high quality teak wood outdoor furniture from our product range.