Old teak wood: Rustic furniture with a unique character

Solid teak wood furniture impresses with its powerful radiance and represents a high-quality furnishing style which is designed for longevity and style. Trendy furnishings are made of old teak wood with tiny signs of wear that look particularly authentic. In contrast to industrially manufactured teak furniture, which takes on a hip vintage look in a complex process, the teak furniture specialist Souren Furniture offers authentic custom-made products from Indonesia.

Old recycling teak from the island of Java

On seeing old teak furniture for the first time, people often feel love at first sight. The bumps on the surface, the semi-gloss, the traces of use: all features that make this wood so unique. You reflexively wonder about the origin of the old wood. In fact, every wooden plank in a table, every teak chair, and every cabinet door has its own story.

The teak used to make the furniture comes from Central Java. The region is home to some 30 million people who used to live in poor conditions in wooden huts. As prosperity increased, traditional teak huts had to give way to stone buildings. However, the old wood was not destroyed; rather, it was prepared and reused for furniture production. No one knows the exact age of the teak leftovers. The only thing that’s clear is that every single piece of furniture is a piece of lived Indonesian history.

Solid Old Teak Wood: brushed with a rustic charm

Before processing old teak wood, the individual planks, boards and squared timbers are sanded down and cut to the required size. The authenticity that many people desire in teak furniture makes an additional step necessary: brushing. In this process, the wooden surface is processed with a steel brush. This is done either manually or semi-automatically. In the process of brushing, softer wood components are extracted, giving the wood a rough surface with small bumps and tiny pits. This makes the piece of furniture look very rustic, giving it a very personal touch. Teak table tops with brushed finishes are in particularly demand for indoor use.

Teak old wood dining table: eye-catching in the dining area

A dining table of old teak wood is a real eye-catcher in the dining area. The surface of the table top impresses with a rustic look and tiny traces of wear. Although the old wood might be over 100 years old, it has lost none of its radiance. The dining tables usually have a special construction. The tabletop consists of several planks, which are closed at the head ends with a transverse board. No one wooden plank is like the other, because it is no longer possible to discern its specific place of origin in Central Java. Souren Furniture has teak dining tables in numerous sizes in stock. The spectrum ranges from the dining table for two people with a square table top of dimensions 80 x 80 cm, to the XXL-size table with edge dimensions 400 x 100 cm.

Authentic living ambience: old teak wood coffee table

A coffee table made of old teak brings atmosphere to the living area and creates an authentic ambience. For many people, the matter of combining furniture made of the fine tropical wood with a coffee table made of the same natural material is merely a question of style. Souren Furniture has some unusual models in its range, such as "Blok" coffee tables. The flat solid wood table with its wonderfully worn surface looks like a piece of cake. Beneath the tabletop are two drawers with recessed handles. Visible handles were deliberately omitted for aesthetic reasons. A teak coffee table made of old wood with four legs and a size of 120 x 80 cm is perfect for decorating a colonial or country house style. In large rooms, a monastery table made of old teak wood unfolds its fascinating effect. Characteristic features of this table shape are the massive trestle feet and the extra thick table top.