Java furniture is the name given to high-quality teak furniture made in Indonesian furniture factories. They come from Central Java, a region that is home to around 30 million people. Teak wood has been a valued material in Southeast Asia for millennia. The robust hardwood is especially used in shipbuilding and house construction.

At Souren Furniture we sell new old Java wood furniture made of high-quality recycled wood.

Furniture made from old boats

Javanese furniture from Souren Furniture is predominantly made of recycled wood. The source material comes from old boats, huts, terraces and furniture. The raw material is far too valuable to simply be discarded. Even after more than 100 years, teak does not lose its weather-resistant properties. Teak wood is available in sufficient quantities on the island of Java. Abandoned residences, discarded fishing boats and damaged furniture provide the raw material, which is further processed in Indonesian furniture factories. High-quality tables, chairs, sideboards, buffet cabinets and garden furniture are crafted by the skilful hands of trained carpenters. Using this method, the expressive java recycled teak is renewed and beautifies the living areas and terraces of European households.

Hardwood with natural protection features

Teak is a tropical wood species with a high density. Unlike native woods such as birch, pine, linden or spruce, the hardwood has a natural high oil content that protects it from the weather and makes it resistant to pest infestation. Owners of garden furniture appreciate this advantage, because tables, chairs and garden benches made of teak wood can remain outdoors in the wind and rain. The natural oil content also prevents liquids from penetrating deep into the wood surface. Especially families with small children appreciate this advantage, since minor mishaps happen more often in these households with drinks being spilled.

Central Java furniture with impressive character

In addition to the weather-resistant properties, indoor and outdoor Java furniture is known for its captivating character. Teak glows in light earth colours or darker bronze tones, depending on previous use. Slight colour differences in table tops, cabinet doors and seating furniture are not processing defects; rather, they signify high quality. In contrast to plantation teak, one cannot precisely predict exactly which colour combinations will ultimately dominate the furniture made of recycled teak.

Anyone who chooses Javanese furniture made of recycled teak wood deliberately chooses furniture with a rustic look. Small signs of wear on the wood surface have deliberately not been removed to preserve the authentic character of this type of wood. Among the assortment of Souren Furniture, you will also find expressive individual pieces with original paint residues. These tables and cabinets are a piece of lived history from Southeast Asia. Most of the boards and planks come from teak boats, some of which had been used by fishermen for decades. On the island of Java, it is customary to coat the boats with colourful paint. In Java furniture with paint residues, the painting has not been completely removed, making each piece of furniture unique.

Garden furniture from Central Java

Garden furniture made from solid teak is one of the classics in European private households and restaurants with gardens or terraces. There are a number of important favourable features of garden furniture made of durable hardwood. One is its weather resistance. Outdoor teak furniture can stay outdoors year-round without damage to the furniture. Another is that teak garden furniture fits much better into a green environment than tables and chairs made of plastic or metal. Souren Furniture carries garden tables and garden benches with the most different dimensions in its assortment. There are also garden chairs with and without backrests, stylish monastery tables and teak station benches with ornate decorations and turned legs. With the purchase of Java furniture, you are choosing pieces of furniture with high value retention, an above-average lifespan and a fascinating look.