- the specialist for teak furniture in the Netherlands

With over thirty years of experience in the field of teak furniture, the company is the first port of call in this field in Holland. The branch is in Nuth, near the German border. First-rate craftsmanship, excellent wood quality and a huge range of home and garden furniture which are constantly in stock are guaranteed through outstanding relationships with manufacturers and importers, which have grown through years of contact.

Teak garden furniture: indestructible furniture for outdoor pieces of furniture

Solid teak wood garden furniture is indestructible. These distinctive pieces of furniture defy wind and weather without problems. The comparatively high oil content of this type of wood, which acts as a natural protective mechanism, enables this resistance. The high density, in combination with the oil content, prevents the penetration of liquids into the wood surface. Teak is also resistant to mould and the infestation of vermin. The surface of garden chairs, benches and tables made of solid teak wood has narrow slits. Rainwater can drain through these recesses, effectively preventing the formation of water-logging. The fact that teak garden furniture forms a gray patina outdoors after a certain time is a typical feature of this type of wood.

Outdoor furniture Netherlands

If you decide to purchase teak furniture for outdoor use, you should not compromise on the quality. As a teak furniture specialist, Souren Furniture supplies commercial customers and private customers throughout Europe. Our teak garden furniture is made in Indonesia on the island of Java. Teak wood furniture production has a long tradition in the Southeast Asian country. The noble hardwood is valued as a raw material and building material due to its great resistance to environmental influences. In the production of garden furniture, we only wood use wood which we have assessed in advance. We are on-site several times a year to monitor compliance with our high quality standards and to coordinate the design of new garden furniture collections.

Garden furniture Netherlands - the trend towards the natural environment

Holland has long since established a trend with a preference for home furnishings made of natural materials. Teak wood plays an essential role in this. The natural appearance of this type of wood is very much appreciated in several households. The age of the wood is unmistakably discernible in the wood grain. Teak furniture requires no elaborate maintenance measures. The wood is very hard and provides its own natural protection with its natural oil content. Teak furniture conjures up a cosy ambience in the living area and sets stylish accents outdoors.

Furniture at the Dutch border: Souren Furniture

Teak furniture is furniture that creates a homely atmosphere and gives the interior a special character. They exude charm and provide comfort in your apartment or home. Teak furniture made according to traditional methods in Indonesia, the home country of this type of wood, are special assets. They are characterised by particularly high value retention and longevity.

Souren Furniture is a family business from Nuth in Holland. For more than 30 years, teak furniture has been our passion. Our collections are made exclusively in the traditional way in Central Java, Indonesia. This feature distinguishes our furniture from the mass production conducted by other suppliers. Our success is based on the strategy of using only original wood from Indonesia, which we have pre-examined, for the production of the furniture. The deciding selection criteria are the wishes and ideas of our customers. As a family business, we can quickly and non-bureaucratically adopt new ideas and make the design of teak furniture into a reality. The decision-making processes are short and we are able to quickly react to trends. Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers.

Souren Furniture does not conduct plagiarism in its range of teak furniture. Recycled teak furniture is made from materials that were originally used to build homes in Indonesia. This wood shows traces of use that tell a long story. In our furniture, these marks were not added retroactively to give the appearance of being second-hand. Only original timbers are used for the production of our furniture. As one of the leading providers of teak furniture in Holland, we have gained the trust of customers from all over Europe. When buying teak furniture, trust Souren Future’s many years of experience, and benefit from the expertise of a traditional company.

Holland - Land on the North Sea with great seafaring tradition

Holland is located in Western Europe and has a long coastline to the North Sea. In the east, the country is bordered by Germany. The country’s southern neighbour is Belgium. Its unobstructed access to the sea in the 17th century made Holland one of the most important maritime and economic powers of the time. Trade bases and colonies were built across all known parts of the world. Holland’s geography is characterised by the peculiarity that about a quarter of the land area is below sea level. Every year, great efforts are made to maintain the landmass through the operation of storm surge weirs. Amsterdam is the capital of Holland. Countless canals run through the city. Countless bridges give the city a special flair. Rotterdam is the largest seaport in Europe. A majority of European oil imports are handled here. High-tech agriculture is an important industry. Dutch vegetables and cheeses are on the menu throughout Europe.

Furniture from Holland: Exclusive teak wood collections from a specialist

Teak furniture is currently some of the most sought-after pieces of furniture. They represent exclusivity and style and meet the desire of many households for a residential environment with natural radiance. As a teak furniture specialist, the family-owned company Souren Furniture, located in the Dutch town of Nuth, has become one of the first ports of call for these exquisite pieces of furniture. For more than 30 years, customers from all over Europe have valued the first-class quality and unusual design of furniture from the Netherlands. The exclusive teak collections are made in furniture factories in Southeast Asia, where teak processing is a millennia-old tradition.

Teak furniture from Holland directly from the manufacturer

Souren Furniture’s teak items from Holland are not manufactured mass-produced goods. The furniture and decorative items made of solid teak come directly from the manufacturer on the Indonesian island of Java and are imported by Souren Furniture. For decades, the company has maintained contacts with furniture manufacturers in Southeast Asia. The teak furniture can be directly accessed in our showrooms in Nuth without any middlemen and can be taken home immediately following a single visit and purchase. Alternatively, you can order the teak furniture from Holland in the online shop and have it delivered to your home.

Garden furniture from Holland

Teak wood is ideally suited as a material for garden furniture due to its weather resistance and robustness. Souren Furniture carries a wide range of exclusive outdoors furniture for the garden and the terrace. Like the teak furniture for indoor use, the garden sets and individual pieces are made on the Indonesian island of Java and are characterised by first-class craftsmanship. In addition to complete teak sets - consisting of table, chairs and benches - you will find eye-catching items such as station benches, Bali lounge chairs and rustic garden tables with worn surfaces in our range. With our garden furniture from Holland, you can add stylish accents in the outdoor area and create an oasis of peace in a green environment.

Restaurant furniture from Holland

Solid teak furniture plays a major role in numerous restaurants throughout Europe. They are comfortable, expressive and represent an upscale ambience. Numerous restaurants, wine bars and bistros for gastronomy furniture from Holland choose Souren Furniture every year, not least because of this direct importer’s short delivery times and good price-performance ratio. Our customers appreciate the excellent craftsmanship of the tables, chairs and benches, and the expressive design of the teak furniture. We regularly receive letters from satisfied restaurant operators, which we publish in a separate section in our online shop

Buying furniture from Holland online

The Souren Furniture range includes rustic wardrobes, smooth and brushed dining tables, sideboards and display cabinets in various sizes, as well as chairs, benches and coffee tables with eye-catching designs. All pieces of furniture can be ordered online in our furniture store and conveniently delivered to the front door. For all products, you will find a description with the exact dimensions on their respective pages. Since we have a wide assortment of all categories of teak furniture in stock, delivery times are short. Let yourself be inspired by the charm of solid teak furniture from Holland and browse the offers in our online furniture shop

Tables Holland

Teak tables made of solid wood are among the few pieces of furniture that are characterized by particularly high longevity and value retention. Even with frequent use, hardly any signs of wear appear on a massive teak table. The high density of this type of wood leads to an enormously high degree of hardness. Teak tables are resistant to abrasion and require no complex care measures. Nevertheless, there are differences in quality of teak tables, which are not solely based on the quality of processing. Teak wood reaches its maximum density only after a certain growth time. If the wood is processed too soon, signs of wear can arise on the tables.

Teak furniture Holland has thirty years of experience in the table industry. The wood comes from Indonesia, and the tables from are handcrafted in Central Java by experienced carpenters. For our tables, we only use teak wood with a particularly high degree of hardness. We regularly monitor compliance with our quality guidelines in Indonesia. We choose the boards, slats and timber used for table making directly on site. In this way, we ensure consistently high quality and a processing standard that meets European standards.

Meanwhile, customers from all over Europe trust our high-quality product ranges. The headquarters of our company and our showrooms are in Nuth, near the German border. In order to provide our customers with the desired pieces of furniture as quickly as possible, we always keep our stock high. Between 250 and 300 teak tables are always in stock. The ordered tables will be delivered within a short period of time. They are delivered in individual parts and can be mounted with a few simple steps using commercially available tools. With us, you can buy teak tables for the living area and garden and patio tables. Convince yourself of our offers and visit us on

Garden tables Holland

Exclusive outdoor teak furniture directly from the manufacturer.

Garden tables made of solid teak wood conjure up a Mediterranean atmosphere in the green outdoor area. Tropical exotic wood tables represent style and elegance. Thanks to their robust appearance and rustic look, they are also eye-catchers in the garden and on the terrace. In addition, teak garden tables are characterized by their low-maintenance properties and their high resistance to weathering. The company Souren Furniture from the Dutch town of Nuth is a supplier of exclusive teak garden tables and other outdoor furniture. More than 30 years ago, the passion for these high-quality pieces of garden furniture led to the establishment of the family business, which is now in its second generation.

Teak garden tables from Holland through direct import

Teak garden tables made of solid wood from Souren Furniture come directly from the country of origin of the noble hardwood. The outdoor furniture is manufactured in workshops on the Indonesian island of Java and then arrive in the warehouse in the Dutch town of Nuth without intervening detours and middlemen. In Indonesia, the processing of teak has a century-long tradition. Ships, huts and furnishings are made of durable wood in the Southeast Asian country. The high levels of teak processing skills are passed down from one generation to the next. Original garden tables made of solid teak from the island of Java are characterized by their characteristic radiance and bring Southeast Asian charm into the home garden.
Teak furniture Holland

Souren Furniture’s exclusive teak garden tables and outdoor furniture have admirers all over Europe. Today, garden tables from Holland, which originate in Indonesia, beautify gardens and terraces from the North Sea coast to Mallorca. One reason for this is the teak wood’s authentic look and the unmistakable character of our outdoor furniture. We stock models with classic rectangular tabletops and round teak garden tables. In addition, we offer unusual pieces of furniture for outdoor use with distinctive monastery tables. These sturdy pieces with their wide tabletops and powerful trestle feet were previously only available for indoor use. In the new collection, the weather-resistant monastery tables with the medieval design are the highlight of the outdoor area.