The premium quality of teak furniture can never be generalized in terms of quality, durability and uniqueness. Souren Furniture, operating in Europe, delivers its high-quality teak furniture to German people. Germany, a home to long-lasting winters and pleasant summers make it an ideal location for teak furniture in general. The goal oriented and smart minded German people have, throughout their history, always preferred minimalism and class over unnecessary exhibit. Souren Furniture offers a range of classic yet elegant teak furniture specifically suited to the taste of German people.

Garden furniture Germany

Souren furniture makes sure that the teak wood used for making its furnishings is of good quality and dried to the 10 to 15% requirement so that its furniture does not crack on contact with moisture. Teak wood furniture, unlike other wood furniture, is nor damaged by the high moisture winds and neither by the excessive snowfalls common in Germany.

Therefore, whether you live in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, or in the valleys of Bavaria; our indoor and outdoorteak furniture range will prove to be quintessential in the calm yet overwhelming nature of surroundings.

Source of Souren teak wood furniture

Souren furniture imports prepared teak wood furnishings directly from Indonesia. Indonesia, which is a major exporter of teak wood in the world has specialized in handling and making teak furniture. The craftsmanship of Indonesia is incomparable to that of any other in the world. Both new and recycled teak wood is used to make furniture as there is no difference between either of them in terms of characteristics and quality. The only difference lies when the process of drying the teak wood, whether old or new, is not carried out to the required 10-15%. We always make sure this vital step of drying is carried out ideally so that the teak furniture never crack under moisture.

Outdoor furniture Germany

Souren Furniture offers the best range of outdoor furniture that can combat all the weather conditions of Germany. There is no need to worry that sudden rain or heavy snow may destroy your precious teak furniture. Teak furniture is resistant to such conditions, making it a gold investment in the range of wood furniture.
The outdoor range offered by Souren furniture consists of a variety of products such as

  • Teak wood chairs variety, that offer a wide range of options to the buyer. A stackable variety of garden chairs if you have limited space, beau fort garden chair variety and a unique Indonesian designed 1-seater garden chair with mesmerizing design of carving of flowers and patterns, a cultural part of Indonesia.
  • Teak garden benches variety, available in multiple sizes. It has 2-seater, 3-seater and 4-seater options with beautiful Indonesian carving that will compel its buyers towards itself. We also offer 130 cm, 150 cm and 180 cm bench options specifically designed keeping the interest of customers and availability of space in mind.
  • Teak garden tables variety, a range so vast that it is beyond your imagination. We offer rectangular, round and outdoor refectory garden tables in different sizes, thus providing multiple options to the customers to choose from.

Souren's indoor teak wood furniture

Our indoor furniture range is designed to stand out on its own. It is not damaged by a small food or water spill; a regular washcloth can be used to wipe it off. Its quality is not affected for years if proper regular care us taken.
The different variety of indoor teak furniture includes
- A versatile range of teak chairs, something that will impress you with its intricacies and smooth finish.
- A range of teak coffee tables, present in every size, whether small or large.
- A range of elegant teak cabinets and wardrobes.
- A variable range of teak TV tables.
- Teak dining tables and side tables range.
- A graceful range of teak display cabinets and many more.

Why opt for teak furniture?

Teak wood is strong, durable and water resistant. Furniture made of teak wood can be used by generations after generations due to its high oil content, high tensile strength and tight grain. It does not splinter and is resistant to termites unlike regular wood furniture and proves to be much graceful and ever-lasting over PVC and metal outdoor furniture.

We designed this indoor and outdoor range teak wood furniture keeping the practicality and elegance in mind. All the furniture range are designed to provide a comfortable experience, so that you can peacefully enjoy the weather of Germany. With the passage of time, the teak furniture turns silvery grey, giving a graceful rustic look suited to the cold winters of Germany. So, don't waste your time and visit our nearest outlet in Europe or purchase online the currency of Euro. You will surely not be disappointed.