Souren Furniture, established in 1980, is one of the popular names in the market of teak wood furniture. We have worked endless days and nights to provide the premium quality teak furniture to our valued customers. Being a company based in Europe, we make sure that we deliver teak furniture at the doorstep of our customers present in European countries so that they do not have to face any problems themselves. People living in Finland, the heart of Northern Europe, can also use this facility and become proud owners of exquisite teak furniture that would last generations if cared properly!

Souren Furniture always prioritize its customers and continuously efforts to create a range of teak furniture products, specifically designed for the clients,that have an elegance and charm of their own. The grace of teak wood furniture surely matches the aura of Finland. The silvery grey finish that appears on teak furniture with the passage of time further enhances its finesse and beauty.

Not only is teak furniture visually appealing, it is also extremely durable and strong. Teak wood has high oil content and high tensile strength, the characteristics which makes it ideal for use in making furniture and ships. Unlike regular wood, teak wood is resistant to water, termites and rot due to its ability to retain its oil content. Teak wood also does not darken on contact with metals for extended periods of time. The furniture made of teak wood can be used both indoors and outdoors as it is weather resistant and can resist every common climatic condition. Thus, either it is extended periods of winter, sudden thunderstorms or light breezy summer, Finland dwellers need not worry about their teak furniture being affected.

Teak Furniture Quality Measures

It is a common misconception among people that the furniture made out of new teak wood is better than that made of recycled teak wood. However, this is not the case. Teak wood, no matter new or old, retains its qualities over extended periods of time. At Souren Furniture, you cannot be able to differentiate between the recycled teak furniture and new teak furniture as the matter of prime importance is not whether it is new or recycled, the main concern is whether or not it has been dried to the required consistency i.e., 10 to 15%.
At Souren, we import our furniture from Indonesia, which is a prime producer of teak wood. Each piece of our teak wood furniture is manually crafted by the expertise of Indonesia. Since the humidity level of Indonesian climate is high, it hinders the process of drying of teak wood. Hence, for this purpose, we use artificial drying units to achieve the prime quality of teak wood necessary for crafting sturdy furniture. Low quality teak wood furniture is the one that has not been dried to the required extent. Such furniture tends to crack when it comes in contact with moisture, leading to loss of valued customers.

Souren Outdoor teak wood furniture

The outdoor teak variety of Souren furniture is much better than the regular variety available in the market. Teak wood furniture is better than PVC furniture used outdoors, which is neither attractive nor much durable. Teak is also more unique and elegant than the metal furniture. The outdoor furniture products available at Souren Franchise are different types of garden chairs (both simple and crafted variety), multiple choice of garden tables (available in every shape and size) and a wide range of garden benches.

Souren Indoor teak wood furniture

The indoor teak furniture available at Souren is an epitome of elegance. The manually carved pieces, along with the rustic look of the teak wood increases its charm to four folds. The impressive variety available in Indoor teak furniture will make you unable to choose only one, as the finishing and quality of teak furniture is surely one of its kind.
The indoor furniture products range available at our store are a variety of teak chairs, tables, cabinets, wardrobes, TV tables, dining tables, display cabinets and many more.
Our furniture range can be purchased in Euro at online from our website or from our stores available all across Europe. So don't waste any more time and experience the luxury of teak wood furniture exclusively available at Souren Furniture.