Souren Furniture is a leading producer of premium quality teak garden and leisure furniture for luxury hotels, eminent homes, spas, local authorities, resorts, schools, clubs and restaurants. We are competitively priced and possess a strong commitment to sustainable growth & bio-diversity.

Your lifestyle shouldn’t ought to fit around your furniture – your furniture must be shaped around your lifestyle. Every home is different, and so it could be a challenge to commission or find a perfect fixture to meet your specific needs.

Let us work with you to hit upon the best Teak Furniture for you, and then narrow down the elegance you love and the wood that outfits your decor. We offer a vast range of contemporary sofas, sectional sofas, swivel recliners, Teak TV units and so much more. Together, we can create an ideal seating for your living room. Choose the types of furniture you want, select the appropriate material and size, and you are on your way to putting your feet up in the ultimate comfort.

Customer Focused and Demand Driven 

All of our contemporary, high quality Teak Furniture is sourced with elegance and functionality in mind. We always focus on harmonizing the pragmatic needs of everyday living, without compromising the beauty and style. You’re made to order furnishings must balance the aesthetics with simplicity and practicality – after all, not only should it vibrate with the décor of your place but eventually it must prudently store and display the stuff you want it to.

Luxury Media Cabinets 

Our bespoke media wall units symbolize the essence of solid Teak Furniture. All of our esteemed pieces are sourced through the most endowed manufacturers and designers worldwide, who all use the sustainable sourced materials. This makes sure that each and every piece is the utmost in luxury furniture.

Meet the Real Elegance

Souren Furniture spends a great deal of care and time in sourcing a range of made to measure, bespoke presentation and storage units to suit your tastes. From the modern to the classic, we have a splendid collection of styles and arrangements. Our ranges of contemporary chairs and sofas have been selected with relaxation and style in mind.

At Souren Furniture, we understand it is not just absolute stylishness that keeps our perceptive clients so contented; it's the quality, comfort and craftsmanship that makes our seating the centre of a well-cherished home. Whether you're seeking bespoke upholstered luxury, modern minimalism or a classic statement piece, all our Teak Chairs and sofas are built and designed with effortless chic and elegant precision.

Teak Furniture Experts 

Souren Furniture has long since specialized in the premium furniture worldwide. There's nothing more pleasurable than reclining in a really comfy chair at the end of a hectic day's work. The Recliner Chairs are like shoes - looks are significant, but you don't know if it's a really fine fit until you have tried it for the size. That's why a lot of our Recliner Chairs usually comes in more than one size.

Whether you are seeking modern-day classics like the extremely comfortable recliners from Stress less or symbolic classic recliners like the Eames Lounge Chair for the utmost in comfort and classic modern style, we have an astonishing range of recliners - chosen just for you.

Luxury Cabinets and Sofas 

At Souren Furniture, we’ve congregated together some of the most stylish and elegant bespoke TV Cabinets across the globe for your attention. Our Sofas are no exemption - luxurious lavish fabrics, flawlessly upholstered leather and the premium sustainable created solid wood frames. Luxury and longevity are our key priorities.

Looking for a unit with storage for your music and DVDs? Need a corner media cabinet? There’s no really no limit to what you can have... Browse through our wide assortment and contact us for more assistance and information about the perfect Teak Furniture.