Denmark is a country in which people like to be surrounded by massive solid wood furniture. Wooden furniture not only looks elegant and timeless, but also exudes a cosiness and warmth that is very difficult to achieve with other types of furniture. Basically, the furniture industry in Denmark is very distinct and the country is considered the most important exporter of high quality furniture.

The valuable teak wood was first discovered by Danish furniture makers and used to design high quality furniture before it was imported into other countries as coveted furniture wood. Many valuable pieces of teak furniture, which are now available as garden furniture in German gardens or which decorate German living spaces as elegant pieces of furniture, originate in Denmark.

Danish teak furniture

Danish teak furniture is in high demand in Germany, because it seems to achieve the perfect sense of harmony: timeless, warm and attractive design, solid construction, style and elegance. Danish teak furniture reflects an aesthetic cosiness that is hard to beat.

Danish garden furniture with Scandinavian charm

Danish garden furniture impresses with its Scandinavian charm. "Danish Design" has long been a quality feature and has established itself as a term for a new style of living. Danish furniture designers rely on simple shapes that are unobtrusive and which, as a whole, create an atmosphere of cosiness. The design of Danish garden furniture reflects the need for harmony and the longing for cosiness. The Danes have created an independent concept for this attitude to life: Hygge. There is no exact translation of this word into any other language in the world. "Hyggelig" is the expression of a feeling of happiness that sets in with a cosy evening on the couch, a walk on the beach, a convivial evening with friends or a picnic with family.

Danish teak furniture: timeless classics

Danish teak furniture represents elegance, style and timeless beauty. Danish furniture designers have been shaping the international furniture market for many years with their sleek designs and the successful combination of practicality and aesthetics. As a natural material, wood plays a major role in this context. Scandinavians are very close to nature, and since the winters in northern Europe are long and dark, the Danes like to surround themselves with natural materials both indoors and outdoors. While Danish furniture was cheap commodity in the 60s and 70s, they are now timeless classics. As an exotic wood species, teak is playing an increasingly important role in furniture manufacturing. The majority of Danish designers use old recycled wood, while plantation teak plays only a minor role.