Austria is an attractive area for living or visiting during vacation. Surrounded by culturally and historically rich places, mountain landscapes and fancy architecture it is a site that travelers can not resist. If you own a holiday home or vacation point such as hotel or inn in Austria, you might be looking for furniture to decorate the place and make it charming. has been running since 1980 and selling teal furniture to clients all around Europe. Whether it is for personal use or commercial use, you will find special and attractive things that will last for years. Moreover, we offer latest products suitable for summer and winter time. At we are aware what winter can do to your wood furniture therefore we offer the highest quality teak and study pieces that will sustain its integrity in coldest of snowfall in Austria.

Indoor Furniture in Austria

For indoor furniture, you can browse through sourenfurniture. Come for teak wood chairs, coffee table, tv units and sideboards. We have a wide range of furniture in different sizes that will fit in homes and rooms whether they are large or small. Starting from the coffee tables, we make our teak wood tables with utmost care and integrate modern designs with the rustic look of teak which can make the room look elegant and classy. You can even get the classical Dinglik style coffee tables which you can add to the living room or bedroom.
Furthermore, to add more furniture, you can pick teak wood chairs with and without armrests in multiple shades. The leather chairs expand your option of indoor furniture for winter when you are living in Austria. Other options for chairs are stacking chairs and barstools which are just as flawless as the rest.

This is not all. If you are a fan of cabinets, you will find several designs and shades to choose from at Our goal is to enhance the beauty of your home, resort or inn located in Europe with help of tasteful teak wood furniture.

Irresistible Teak Sideboards

Something that we all want around our house is a sideboard. During winter, we know how many items of clothes we need. However, to organize them instead of leaving them around, you can add sideboard in your house. We have sideboards as little as 110cm in size and as huge as 259cm in size to cater to people with different preferences.
Many of our sideboards are recycled in Indonesia where the teak wood is managed for repurposing of furniture. Each sideboard you purchase from has a unique touch of individuality to it. It will be a handpicked addition to your furniture.
The sturdy teak sideboards can be useful in storing clothes, books and paperwork too. On the other hand, you can decorate the surface with vases, frames and flowers to make the piece even more personal.

Individual Outdoors Teak Furniture

In the winter, each sunny day can be precious. Most of us like to spend our day outdoors so why not decorate the garden and patio with teak furniture? At we even make garden sets with chairs and tables for outdoor seating. You can purchase sets with four or six chairs made from luscious teak with its individual touch in every piece.

Furthermore, if you want to enhance your garden, you can add a bench or refectory table in the lawn. There are multiple designs in alignment with modern look for furniture to give a trendy touch to gardens.

It goes without saying that many commercial resorts and holiday inns have also incorporated furniture from in the outdoor seating. Adding teak can cultivate elegance and beauty to the setting.

Winter can be harsh on furniture but you don’t have to worry when you are purchasing teak wood furniture famous for its capacity to outlast harsh climate.

Delivery of Furniture

No matter which country you are in Europe, you can place your order with us through We have delivered products of the highest quality to customers for years within a few days by working with transport companies that ensure anyone can order their desired furniture. We deliver furniture to Finland, Austria, France, Italy and many other states in Europe so that anyone can avail our services.

As far as the stock is concerned, we have more than 500 items ready to be shipped as soon as we receive your order. On the other hand, if you are unable to find a product that you desire, you can get in touch with us and we will ensure that your furniture is delivered to you as soon as it is received.

Many popular cruises, resorts and restaurants have also ordered teak chairs, garden tables, cabinets and coffee tables from We believe that the authenticity and excellent craftsmanship of furniture speaks for itself.