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Wholesale teak furniture

We have extended experience with selling wholesale teak furniture. We have done business with furniture and interior design shops, restaurants and even to a cruise company.

If you prefer looking at a paper catalogue we're happy to send you one.

Wholesale teak furniture store

You can visit our warehouse in the south east of Netherlands. We have delivered to many places across Europe. See also our page about delivery.

Wholesale teak furniture from Indonesia

We have been selling quality teak furniture from Indonesia for many years. The factories that create our furniture are highly controlled and only use quality teak wood. Wood is coming from teak recycling centers and teak plantations.

Wholesale teak garden furniture

Teak furniture is great for outside. With a little bit of care our teak garden furniture will last for decades.

Wholesale teak patio furniture

It's much more common in the United States, from Miami to Boston and from San Diego to Seattle: houses with patios are great. Our furniture is great for use on patios. Contact us for more information about wholesale pricing.

B2B furniture

Here are some links in German with more information about specific businesses we have provided with our furniture:

  • La Cravache in Belgium
  • Loft Five in Zürich, Switzerland
  • Hotel Regent in Cologne, Germany