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Teak tv-unit 140 x 50 x 50 cm


Teak TV-unit 140 x 50 x 50 cm

Complement your interior with a new eye-catcher like this rustic and symmetric TV unit. This piece of furniture is designed in a sleek and timeless way, which makes it perfectly suited for all kinds of interior styles. The TV unit is made of solid reclaimed teak wood from the Indonesian island Java. With the elegant details of the wood and the characteristic grains, this TV unit will give your interior a warm and pleasant ambiance.

The size of 140 cm (55,1 in) wide, 50 cm (19,7 in) deep and 50 cm (19,7 in) high, will provide a large amount of storage space and the possibility of placing your TV on the teak top. Underneath the teak top are two sliding doors with a shelf behind it with more storage space for equipment and accessories.

The TV unit is available in sizes from 100 (39,4 in) to 200 cm (78,7 in) in width. If you are interested in a specific size, please contact us for more information.