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Teak table 160 x 90 cm


This table made from old, recycled teak wood, entrances with its personal charm. With dimensions of 160x90 cm it offers enough space for four to six people. As a unique eye-catcher, it embellishes the dining area. Its rustic appearance perfectly blends into any interior, providing a homely atmosphere. The warm look of the teak wood creates a striking contrast to modern furnishings made of stainless steel and glass and fits perfectly in the rustic decor of an apartment.

Recycled teak wood has an incomparable character. It comes from Indonesia, Central Java, where it was used as a building material for old huts. We've prepared it for the production of furniture. The wood tells stories of the past times and emtis liveliness. The teak table set as a dining table in the kitchen becomes the centre of the family life. It's where the meals are eaten together and entertaining board games are played in a pleasant atmosphere.

The 160x90 model is almost always in stock, you can take one directly from our magazines. However, just to make sure, please take a moment to contact us and ask about the stock status. It would be a shame if it turned out that this size has just been sold out.