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Teak garden chair stacking


Teak garden chair stacking
This stylish and practical teak stacking chair is a real asset to your garden, terrace, balcony and roof terrace. The timeless design and the solid construction create a very sustainable chair, which you can enjoy for many years. The best thing about this teak garden chair is that you can easily stack four chairs to save space in your garden.

The backrest of the garden chair and the armrests are slightly curved for more ergonomic comfort while sitting. The seating and the back are made of individual slats bounded by an outer frame of teak. The spaces between the slats are created to let the rain water drain from the chair, which makes the drying process quicker and easier.

Combine a teak garden chair like the stacking chair with a bench for more space and seating while you are relaxing in your garden. The chair is usually always in stock, but to avoid disappointment please contact us for more information before you visit our showroom.