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Teak cabinet 240cm


Teak cabinet 240 cm

This impressive teak cabinet represents a stylish and natural interior style. The cabinet is made of high quality teak that comes from the Indonesian island Java. The warm ambiance of the cabinet originates from the characteristic grains and the warm colors of the teak. This piece of furniture will fit perfectly in a stylish and timeless interior style.

The division of drawers and cabinet doors characterizes the symmetrical design of the cabinet. In the upper part of the cabinet are five small drawers with 2 open shelves on the top. On both sides of this middle part are two glass sliding doors with shelves behind it. The lower part of the cabinet is accommodated with five drawers next to each other and three on top in the middle. On both sides of the middle section are again two sliding doors, but this time they are closed to provide you with extra hidden storage. The cabinet offers an enormous amount of storage space for your personal belongings, crockery, books or home accessories.

The teak cabinet is usually always in stock. To avoid disappointment please contact us for more information before you visit our showroom.