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Round teak table Ø 120 cm reclaimed


Round teak table 120 cm (47,2 in) reclaimed

This beautiful old round teak table is made of recycled wood that originates from the Indonesian island Java. The table has a diameter of 120 cm (47,2 in), which makes it a perfect dimension to sit with four people comfortably. The tabletop rests on a bulbous base that gives the table an authentic appearance and stability.

The characteristic grains of the teak are clearly visible on the table surface. The tabletop is precisely assembled from individual slats into one beautiful tabletop. The table shines very bright and has a natural appearance.

This model is also available in 110 cm (43,3 in), 130 cm (51,2 in), 150 cm (59 in), 160 cm (63 in), 170 cm (67 in) and 180 cm (70,8 in).

The round teak table 120 cm (47,2 in) reclaimed, is usually always in stock. To avoid disappointment please contact us for more information before you visit our showroom.