Why should I Buy Reclaimed Teak?

Teak is abundant all over the Far East – particularly in Indonesia and Burma which supply the lion’s share of the wood for furniture manufacturing all over the world. Because of this, it would be very easy for the native growth areas to become de-forested very quickly. As with anywhere else in the world, the impact of forest clearance can potentially be damaging for the local environment and some elements of the economy that depend on the forests. From this angle, it is better to reclaim teak from existing sources than to continually cut down trees and replant more. Of course, fresh teak is cut down but reclaiming from older sources reduces this to a minimum.

Couple this with the fact that the highest quality teak wood is very durable and can last many decades with the minimum of care and it seems that constant recycling and reuse of this highly-prized hardwood is not just beneficial for the environment, but also makes practical sense keeping highly skilled craftsmen in work. There is an abundant supply of antique teak wood that can be fashioned into the sort of high quality pieces that we supply.

Sources of Reclaimed Teak

Because the wood is native to Indonesia and Burma, it is used in the manufacture of practically everything from household furniture to houses to barns and storage buildings. Most sources of reclaimed teak are housing timber, decking and sometimes from abandoned industrial structures. More often than not, it has come from older houses that have been marked for demolition. Anything that could be made from wood was made from the wood so naturally when the furniture is no longer required or the houses are no longer occupied we end up with a large supply of a very high quality wood. This is where the reclamation comes in because the teak will still have a long and productive life ahead of it; we are able to find the best pieces to produce a range of high quality furniture.

Souren Furniture

We use authentic supplies from the areas where teak is native to bring you the best quality furniture using the highest quality teak. We pride ourselves on respecting the environment and are proud to offer a wide range of furniture that utilises reclaimed teak in its manufacture. What’s more, each reclaimed piece is individual; you will not find another piece identical to it which is unlike a lot of mass-produced furniture made from cheaper types of wood that don't lend particularly well to reclamation.

Check out our range of tables and chairs from reclaimed teak. They have a distinct rustic look because of the nature of the reclaimed wood used in the manufacturing process.

Souren Furniture can assure you that it is of the highest quality and will survive for many decades; whether you buy indoor or outdoor furniture you will have many years of happiness when you buy reclaimed teak furniture from us.