Decorating your abode goes beyond the ordinary furniture if you have a knack for furnishing and interiors. This is why many people like to purchase original teak wood furniture that is evergreen in two ways: it lasts longer and you will not get bored of it. We have all struggled with furniture pieces around the home which lose their charm with time. So, if you are looking for something modern but ceaselessly beautiful, teak furniture is your best option.
Usually, people know of teak furniture from Thailand as the country has the original source for teak wood. However, original teak furniture can be expensive. To offer an affordable, equally pleasing and long term alternative, offers up to 500 reclaimed teak tables. Our furniture goes through the recycling process in Indonesia before it is shipped for selling purposes.

The Charm of Teak Furniture

The reason that many interior and exterior decorators recommend teak furniture is because it does not catch mildew, fungus or rust under harsh and humid climatic conditions. It has the ability to last for up to many years before it is damaged. This means that your investment in repurposed teak furniture can be a wise alternative to the furniture which damages easily.
Teak furniture is also strong and sturdy which adds to the life span of teak tables, teak chairs, teak cabinets and other teak items at Our catalogue lists all the teak products which are not only enduring but aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well. The antique touch along with the history of our recycled furniture is an addition to its value to our customers who want something different from mass product furniture.

If you also like to add individual appeal and indulge in authentic furnishing, this reclaimed furniture is your answer. takes great care to curate a collection which will remain one of the best among competitors.

Indoors and Outdoors Teak Furniture

To add to our collection, our list of furniture item ranges from indoor cabinets to outdoor garden tables. This gives our customers the option to enhance the beauty of their house everywhere. Teak cabinets are precious as they can store your heavy china and colorful cutlery without taking away their spotlight. These graceful cabinets will even bring out the charm of rest of the room.

On the other hand, teak coffee tables have their special place inside homes and restaurants. is a place where each coffee table looks different from the other, with its intricate wooden engravings and stylish design. Every customer can purchase something that they find appealing easily. While the designs matter a lot, some people are adamant about the color of wood too and so we offer that as well. All of our reclaimed furniture has varying shades like maple, oak, walnut, ash in slight variations.
Moving on, the seating options are not limited either. You can find benches, garden chairs and leather chairs which are all one-of-a-kind pieces. The benches are especially preferred for garden owners and commercial park owners who look for lovely yet lifelong options to cater to visitors.

You can arrange your entire garden using to find sturdy chairs, rectangle or round tables. You can add barstools around the kitchen island for seating or outside along the refectory teak tables.

While our range for outdoor furniture is large, we have sideboards and TV units for indoors too. Both of these options can be decorative as well as productive storage option. A lot of people who like to create country theme with rustic furniture use the teak sideboards and TV units as they can be the center of attention.

Large Stock of Teak Furniture

Although our teak furniture is recycled in Indonesia, it looks just as new as furniture from Thailand. The originality of the wood is restored while it is being reclaimed for further use. This does not mean that we have a limited stock because we have more than 500 teak dining tables in our store ready to be shipped to our customers. Besides the tables, we have a lot of chairs, benches, tables, cabinets etc. which you can easily buy from. Due to our huge variety, people can easily find something they like without worrying that it is out of stock.

Delivering Teak Furniture

It is complicated to get furniture delivered so we take that in our hands and deliver teak furniture to your doorstep all around the world. We work along with other transport companies which can deliver furniture anywhere in Europe. Our customers are based in France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and several other countries where we can send the furniture without a problem. If you see something that you like on, you can place your order right now. If you are facing some issues, you can contact our team and we will resolve any problems you might be facing.