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Teak table lesung

Are you looking for a robust teak table but still with a straightforward look? You have found it! We offer teak tables in this design from our stock. Basically, we offer two different designs. One design has drawers and a projecting table top. Unfortunately, we do not always have this design in stock in every size. The table legs of the other design are positioned almost at the very corners of the tabletop. These tables are very suitable for chairs with arm-rests.

Height upper side tabletop

These tables have a standard height of 79cm. If you wish, we can adapt this height for you without any additional costs. The lower side of the bar has a standard height of +/- 69cm, hence it should not be a problem to put chairs with arm-rests under the table.

Easy maintenance

These tables are very easy to maintain. Basically, there are two options. Either you leave your table light-coloured and untreated or you treat it with oil. The advantage of not treating the table is that it will stay natural. However, it also means that some stains can appear on the wood. But these can be removed relatively easily with a sponge and some green soap. The advantage of using oil is that you only need to work the table with it one time and after that a wet cloth will be sufficient. The downside is that your table will be a shade darker.

Massive teak block table legs and massive tabletops

By default our tables have massive block table legs and a massive high quality tabletop which is approximately 3cm thick. The thickness of the table legs is approximately 8x8cm for 80x80cm tables, 9x9cm for 200x100cm tables and even thicker for the 300x100cm tables. All tables are handmade and produced the old fashioned way, therefore the thickness can vary sometimes.

Excellent construction

Apart from the high quality teak wood which we use for our tables, they also have an excellent construction. Each table has additional cross beams at lower surface of the table. The tabletop is installed in such a way that no cracks will develop and that it is also removable. The reason for this is that the table legs connected to the tabletop by screws. So even if you live on the 4th floor you can have a nice table!

Delivery from stock

We have almost every size in stock, from 80x80cm to 300x100cm. Sizes other than these standard sizes are also possible. However, beware that the delivery of these can take up to 4 months and they tend to cost considerably more.

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