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Teak table 220 x 100 cm reclaimed


This table made of old wood enchants with its clear structure and a straight line. Its unique character comes from the beautifully grained teak. Its natural charisma fills the interiors with an individual charm. It is robust and rustic without being clumsy. The table provides enough space for 8-10 people. The warm wood creates a wonderful atmosphere and ensures a cozy environment. With its spacious dimensions of 220 x 100 cm, the beauty of teak wood shines it all its splendor.

The table was made from recycled wood. The peculiarity of this type of wood comes from its previous use. It was used as a material for constructing cottages and then reused after preparation for the production of tables. The wood comes from Indonesia and has its own history. The character of the table comes from this special history of teak wood.