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Teak table 220 x 100 cm


An elegant teak table of 220 x 100 cm (86,6 x 39,4 in)

This sturdy teak table impresses with a modern design of smooth lines and warm colored teak. The characteristic grain of the wood gives the table an elegant appearance. The natural features of the tropical wood introduce a warm ambiance into your interior. This modern table is perfectly suited for any kind of interior style and will be an addition to your interior.

Due to the generous dimensions of the table, there will be enough space to sit and dine with six to eight people comfortably. The wood has been smoothly sanded for an elegant and bright appearance. The teak was formerly used on the Indonesian island Java, that’s why the liveliness of the wood in the table design is so obvious. Every table is unique and will it’s own story.

This model is also available in 140 x 80 (55,1 x 31,5 in), 140 x 140 (55,1 x 55,1 in), 180 x 90 (70,8 x 35,4 in), 200 x 100 cm (78,7 x 39,4 in), 240 x 100 (94,5 x 39,4 in), 160 x 160 (63 x 63 in), 260 x 100 (102,4 x 39,4 in) and 300 x 100 (118,2 x 39,4 in).

The teak table 220 x 100 cm (86,6 x 39,4 in) is usually always in stock. To avoid disappointment please contact us for more information before you visit our showroom.