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Teak table 140 x 80 cm


Teak table 140 x 80 cm (55,1 x 31,5 in)

This elegant teak table fits perfectly into an existing living room, dining room or even a kitchen with the compact dimensions. The table is made of solid teak wood that originates from the Indonesian island Java. The elegant appearance of the characteristic grains of the wood will give your interior a warm ambiance.

Due to the compact dimension of 140 x 80 cm (55,1 x 31,5 in), the table can easily fit 4 people to have a meal together or play games at the table. The teak tabletop shines a very bright natural radiance because of extensive sanding and will give your interior a new eye-catcher.

The teak table 140 x 80 cm (55,1 x 31,5 in) is usually always in stock. This model is also available in lengths of 120 cm (47,2 in), 180 cm (70,8 in), 220 cm (86,6 in), 240 cm (94,5 in), 260 cm (102,4 in) and 280 cm (110,2 in). To avoid disappointment please contact us for more information before you visit our showroom.