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Teak outdoor furniture

The possibilities for your outdoor space are endless with our beautiful teak outdoor tables, chairs and benches. Whether you’re having friends over for card games or hosting a large back-garden dinner party, we have furniture with the features you need and the design that you want. Take a look at our selection below and find out for yourself.

Caring for Your Teak Outdoor Furniture

Maintaining your outdoor teak furniture couldn't be any easier. In order to survive the rainforest where teak grows, teak wood is saturated with natural oils and is naturally resistant to rot, insects, and outdoor elements. Moisture does not permeate the pores of the wood as it has a specific structure that makes rain run off its surface immediately. However, by caring for your outdoor furniture in the right way, you will ensure that it retains its smooth finish, stays strong, and lasts for much longer.

To help remove the build-up of moss, you should wash off your teak furniture occasionally with green soap and water. Do the washing by hand, never using a power washer that can damage the furniture. Some people prefer to apply a finish to their teak furniture, which is fine. But you can also allow the teak furniture to weather naturally which means that you don’t have to do anything to it at all. Simply leave the teak furniture outside, allowing the environment to weather it on its own. With this method, you will still need to wash the teak furniture with soap and water, about once a year.

One important point to keep in mind is that you should never use an oil sealer on your outdoor teak furniture. The extra oil will cause the wood to turn black from mildew. So only use an oil sealer on your indoor teak furniture.

For warmer climates however, you’ll need to clean your outdoor furniture about once a year. Just add half a bag of soda to a bucket of warm water. You can also add some green soap. Wash the furniture with a soft sponge and let the soap penetrate the wood. After 5-10 minutes rub the soap off with a harder sponge and wipe it off with water. If there are still some stains in the wood, you can erase them by sanding the wood with fine sanding paper. You’ll find your furniture as good as new with this method