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Teak display cabinet 200cm modern


The imposing and beautiful teak display cabinet will be an eye-catcher in your interior. The display cabinet is 200 cm wide. That’s why the display cabinet gives you a superb amount of space for storage.

The display cabinet is made of teak wood with characteristic grains, which gives your interior a warm and cosy atmosphere. The cabinet is suited for every type of interior and style because of the modern and elegant details in the design of the display cabinet.

The upper section of the display cabinet is provided with two large sliding doors with glass to keep your beautiful accessories on the two shelves that are present. This upper section of the cabinet is perfectly suited to display your crockery and interior accessories and give it the opportunity to shine.

In the lower section of the display cabinet are two sliding doors for storage of stuff that you don’t want to show. Above these two sliding doors are four small drawers for more space and storage.

The composition of the sliding doors, drawers and glass sliding doors is in great balance with the size of the display cabinet itself. The handles on the cabinet are modern and not too outstanding to keep the design of the display cabinet united.

Details of the display cabinet

The size of the display cabinet is 200 cm (78,7 in) wide by 220 cm (86,6 in) high and 50 cm (19,6 in) deep. It’s really easy to clean the cabinet with a dry microfiber cloth because of the smooth texture of the teak wood.

Interior and Design tip

Bring back the colors of your interior in the accessories in the display cabinet. For example, put accessories in the same colors as your pillows, curtains or candles in your living room or kitchen, back in your display cabinet to create a united atmosphere.

The display cabinet is suited to place in a bigger kitchen to store all your beautiful crockery but it could also be a beautiful piece of furniture in the living room. The living room can be the place where you can store your books, personal belongings, travel souvenirs or kids toys in the display cabinet.