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Teak display cabinet 120cm modern


Teak display cabinet 120 cm modern

This modern teak display cabinet has a beautiful and elegant appearance due to the characteristic grains and features of the wood. The cabinet is made of solid teak that originates from the Indonesian island Java. The character of the wood and the design of the cabinet will give your modern interior more warmth and a cosier ambiance. Place the cabinet against a blank wall in your living room or kitchen, where it can shine its gorgeous flair.

The symmetrical design of the cabinet is due to the division of drawers and cabinets. The upper part of the cabinet has two large sliding doors with shelves behind it. In the lower part of the cabinet are two drawers with hidden handles. Underneath these drawers are two sliding doors that are made of solid teak and have shelves behind it. The cabinet is placed on legs, which create a spacious effect in your interior.

This model is also available in 100 cm (39,4 in), 160 cm (63 in) and 200 cm (78,7 in). The teak display cabinet modern is usually always in stock. To avoid disappointment please contact us for more information before you visit our showroom.