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Teak chairs

Here you’ll find our selection of teak chairs. We usually have a wide range of chairs in stock so you're always welcome to pay us a visit to feel the fine quality of the wood.
If you are looking for teak outdoor chairs, check out our selection of teak garden chairs.


Teak chairs

From the simple and elegant to the classical and majestic, we stock a wide range of teak chairs to suit your every need. Each of our teak chairs can be matched with any of our teak tables to create wonderful indoor or outdoor dining spaces. We have several styles to choose from, each with a design that matches our line of tables and we’re always happy to make suggestions to help you choose the right style for your space.

Stacking Chairs

We offer teak wood stacking chairs for your patios, lawn, garden and outdoor dining areas, boasting a unique finish that compliments your teak dining table perfectly. They’re also known for their durability in even the harshest outdoor conditions. Our chairs are the perfect solution for numerous activities as they can be stacked for easy transport and storage.

Bar Stools

Simple but stylish, our barstool come in a rustic finish that feels just as right in a modern-chic apartment as it does in a country barn house. Crafted from 100% teak wood, the stool provides a durable construction consisting of a slightly curved backrest for optimal comfort, a firm but comfy seat, and stable legs with a convenient foot rest.

Leather Teak Chairs

Built on steady, durable teak wood frames, our genuine leather chairs are not only a sleek addition to any room, but they’re also incredibly comfortable. They are perfect to use as a desk chair or dining chair and come in three colours: stylish black, an eyes catching red and elegant brown.

What to Think of When Choosing Your Teak Chairs?

When choosing chairs for a specific table, it may be a good idea to consider the placement of your chairs. With our refectory teak tables with the length of 250 cm, you can easily fit three chairs with arm-rests on the long side and one chair on each opposite side, which makes eight in total.

For our round dining tables, we have created this table below to give you an idea about our sizes and our recommendation for how many people fit around a particular size. The estimations are based on the assumption that the round table has one centre leg and that the chairs have a maximum width of 45 cm, without arm-rests.

Ø 100cm round table – 3 people
Ø 120cm round table – 4 people
Ø 130cm round table – 4-5 people
Ø 140cm round table – 5-6 people
Ø 150cm round table – 6-7 people
Ø 160cm round table – 7-8 people
Ø 170cm round table – 8-9 people

Visit us in store or give us a call and we’ll help you find what works best for you.