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Teak chair Mariotto rustic


Teak chair Mariotto Rustic
This timeless and rustic teak chair Mariotto is a perfect fit for in any kind of interior style. That is also the main reason why this chair is so successful. The robust and durable design makes it possible to use this chair in many interiors but also in any kind of catering spot. The chair is made of solid teak wood from the Indonesian island Java and has a nostalgic appearance because of the characteristic grains and the elegant details of the design.

The backrest and the top bar of the chair are slightly curved for the purpose of the ergonomic comforts. Between the legs of the chair are two extra reinforcements for more stability. The height of the seating is 46 cm (18,1 in), which is a standard dimension that will provide the optimal comfort for the human body.

The teak chair Mariotto rustic is usually always in stock, but to avoid disappointment please contact us for more information before you visit our showroom.