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Teak chair Mariotto


One of the most popular teak dining chairs is the Mariotto. This beautiful and simply designed dining chair has a timeless look and feel, which makes the chair suited for any type of interior. The timeless design of the chair made this piece of furniture successful.

The Mariotto teak chair is not only suited for your kitchen or dining room but could also be used in a restaurant or bar. The robust and sustainable material and the firm joints, guarantee the comfort of the chair in a catering situation.

The comfort of the chair is designed in such a way that the rounded shape of the back will be ergonomic and comfortable for your back and body. This is important when you are sitting on the Mariotto teak chair for a long time. Between the legs of the chair is an extra reinforcement added for stability.

Details of the Mariotto Teak Chair

The height of the seat is 46 cm (19,6 in) high, which is a standard height for dining chairs.

Different finishings of the Mariotto

Besides the modern Mariotto teak chair, we also supply a rustic designed Mariotto teak chair and a Mariotto teak chair with paint residues. Normally the Mariotto teak chair is in stock but please, do contact us for the current stock amount.