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Teak cabinets

Are you searching an attractive cabinet that will give you years of pleasure? Then a teak cabinet from Souren Furniture is the solution. Our cabinets are made of high quality teak wood and have an extremely solid construction. We guarantee you years of joy! Most of our cabinets are made from reclaimed teak wood.

We make sure that our cabinets can be taken apart and reassembled without problems. And more than once of course!

Are you on the hunt for a beautiful cabinet that will give you great pleasure for many years to come? Well, look no more because Souren Furniture is your one stop shop to all things teak cabinet. Made of the highest quality teak wood from Indonesia, mostly being reclaimed teak, our cabinets have an extremely solid construction and an appearance that are a pleasure to behold.

We understand that people need to move things around from time to time. Whether it be to move house or simply to rearrange things, it’s important that a clumsy piece of furniture isn't standing in your way. For that reason we’ve made sure that our cabinets can be taken apart and reassembled easily and without problems. And off course, more than once.

We stock teak cabinets in all different models and sizes. Teak buffet cabinets (100 cm to 300 cm), teak shop cabinets and teak wardrobes. We’ve got it all!