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Suar Dining Table 300cm


The impressive Suar dining table with a length of 300 cm (118,2 in)

If you are on the lookout for an extraordinary dining table with an impressive look, then this Suar table is a piece of furniture that would be a perfect fit for you. The table is made from Suar, which is Asian oak, wood and has the characteristic and unique shape of a tree trunk. The tabletop is made of one piece with a length of 300 cm (118,2 in) and shows the natural process of the wood.

The beautiful tabletop rests on two strong solid legs with a robust slat that connects them together for more stability. Not a single piece of wood in this table is straight, which gives this table its unique and authentic character. The table will an amazing eye-catcher in any kind of interior and can be combined with upholstered, Suar or design furniture.

This model is also available in a length of 250 cm (98,4 in).

This Suar dining table is usually always in stock. To avoid disappointment please contact us for more information before you visit our showroom.