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Round dining table | Reclaimed teak

Here you find an overview of our reclaimed teak dining tables. We have most of these in stock at any given moment. It's still good to first contact us if you want to come visit our store to buy a specific table.

100 cm round dining table

round dining table

110 cm round dining table

120 cm round dining table

140 cm round dining table

Stock and Delivery

Weathered and robust or modern and sleek? You’ve got a wealth of choice when it comes to our rounded dining tables. The wood, used in production, stems from plantation teak or is recycled. These are mainly planks that come from old buildings and houses and boast exceptional quality. Java Island in Indonesia, is highly dependent on their furniture export. So much that the government has built plantations to guarantee employment for the future generations.

We always have several sizes of round tables in stock, averaging from 100 cm up to 170 cm. If you’re looking for a size that isn’t currently in stock, let us know and we’ll make sure that we deliver these to you as quickly as possible.

How many people can sit around a round table?

When space is limited, a round table is a hero for adding that extra bit of space. Round tables also create a cosy atmosphere and brings that homie feeling to a living room or kitchen. Still, it can be difficult to determine the right size for your particular living situation. There is a big difference between a round table of 120 cm or one of 140 cm. A tabletop of 120 cm has a surface of approximately 1,13 m² while a 140 cm top has a surface of 1,54 m². That’s a difference of almost 36% - more than 1/3! But we won’t overwhelm you with numbers. Just take a look at our table below which gives you an idea about our sizes and our recommendation for how many people fit around a particular size.

The estimations are based on the assumption that the round table has one centre leg and that the chairs have a maximum width of 45 cm, without arm-rests.

Ø 100cm round table – 3 persons
Ø 120cm round table – 4 persons
Ø 130cm round table – 4-5 persons
Ø 140cm round table – 5-6 persons
Ø 150cm round table – 6-7 persons
Ø 160cm round table – 7-8 persons
Ø 170cm round table – 8-9 persons

Naturally, these number is also determined by whether you like to cosy up to one another or prefer to have more space to yourself. Based on your preference, use either the minimum or maximum number displayed in the table. You are also welcome to come to our shop to try the table out yourself. Please contact us beforehand so that we can make sure that your preferred size is in stock at that time.

Reclaimed teak

If you're looking for recycled teak wood furniture you found the right place. For more information see our page about tables are made of reclaimed teak.

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